Planned Parenthood president to speak at Georgetown [CC]


Cecile Richards, the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, will speak in April on the campus of Georgetown University, America’s oldest Catholic institution of …



100% evil.

Georgetown either needs to straighten up or stop calling itself Catholic. This is a disgrace.


Stop inviting Satan to “Catholic” schools!!!


This is absolutely horrendous! This should be stopped!


I completely agree.


Maybe some sort of campaign can be set to stop this travesty.


It has been going on for a while now at various Catholic colleges which have pro-abortion advocates speaking at commencement exercises and other functions. Further, Catholic colleges have their students participate in filthy plays such as the V monologues where it is asserted that a young girl can attain her personal salvation by having immoral lesbian relations with an older lesbian. Does it make sense to spend $50K per year to send your child to such a school? The question I have is whether or not Catholic colleges are attempting to deconstruct Catholicism and make it into something else?


It’s because these “Catholic schools” care more about competing with Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Duke, UVa, UC-Berkeley, etc. than they do about being Catholic.

That was the whole thing that started back in the 1950s. The Land-of-Lakes Conference is where these schools decided that it was more important to be considered a top notch destination school for professors and non-Catholics than it was to be considered devoutly Catholic. Now many of the these so-called Catholic colleges have more non-Catholic faculty & staff than they have Catholic ones.


That is why there is the Cardinal Newman Society, which reports on such outrageous happenings so the schools can hear from Catholics who care.

The Cardinal Newman Society also has a guide where it shows which universities are loyal to the Magisterium of the Church and are truly Catholic.

Here is the site:




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