Planned Parenthood prez: GOP would set women's rights back to 1950s


The president of Planned Parenthood came to New Hampshire today to “stump” for Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.



Matt Walsh has a nice blog post on this subject.


Yes, killing the unborn is evil. However, Planned Parenthood is not the only source of “Health Care” for women. “Reproductive Rights” means what? More killing of the unborn? Reproduction means the baby gets to live, not be killed. And birth control pills? Aside from certain possible medical problems, they are a health risk, but do help prevent "unintended pregnancies. As far as unintended pregnancies leading to abortion, here are the facts:

Since the brainwashing began, women have not been taught self-control in school settings on the assumption that sexual activity would occur. In any case, except for certain medical problems, the manufacture of birth control pills is a ‘for profit’ enterprise for most women. It is not health care for most women. Women have doctors that can help them.

Abortion is not health care. A baby dies in each case while the woman’s reproductive system is doing what it was designed to do. Aside from ectopic pregnancies where the death of the baby is unintended, there is no reason for the evil practice of killing babies in the womb or the barbaric practice of ‘partial birth’ abortion. That’s like saying you’re only a little bit alive so it’s OK to kill a partially born baby.

“Women’s rights” are not the same as false “reproductive rights.” Men and women have been brainwashed to believe that frequent sexual activity is far more important than taking responsibility by using self-control. Using self-control means no pill or other ‘preventive device or formula’ is required. A lack of taking personal responsibility is key. If men and women don’t want a child, then they should understand that the only purpose of vaginal sex is reproduction. That is simple biology.

The unborn have no rights. It’s time that the unborn had the right to life.

Sadly, another brainwashing program is continuing regarding gender confusion. It is out of control and will cause societal damage. With all the “sex education” over the years, there is an STD Epidemic in the US.

Self-harm in exchange for transitory sexual pleasure is neither mentally or physically healthy. It also increases the cost of health care.

Such health risks should be avoided since some can lead to sterility, lifelong health issues or even life-threatening situations.

Being irresponsible about sexual activity and not accepting personal responsibility for random sexual behaviors is not a right or a legitimate reason to continue certain behaviors.

Only you can help to stop aborting your unborn child, from getting an STD or engaging in other risky behaviors. The answer is not a pill.



Women in the nineteen-fifties and before were wives and mothers. To say women are “set back” because their “need” to have their children murdered might get threatened is an insult. They have no appreciation whatsoever for the hardworking women of long ago. How about we go back to beating our laundry dry on rocks? How about we go back to grinding grain with a handmill? Did any of them complain? How about the women in the bible days? Hard working, earthy women. Real women. And they have the nerve to say just a wife, just a mother. Those women did more work with their own two hands than they will ever know.


Yes, and they were mainly proud and happy to care for their families – and they did NOT give thought to slaughtering their own unborn.


Children were a blessing. Women who were barren prayed to God to bless them, and years later, their wombs were opened. It’s so natural and beautiful. What is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. There is something very wrong with the modern womanly mentality. They don’t appreciate what real women are and were. Those women were something they will never know.


We live in a culture that has made life a commodity, rather than lifting it up to the Sacred as it belongs. Of course, since life is now a simple commodity (like buying a house or car), one can do away with it whenever they want.

And–who wants to spend their days caring for a commodity? We drive our cars to the store, or wherever, and then we walk away from it until we/want need it again. Same thing with kids/life.

For all the decades of hand-wringing about women seeking equal everything–in the process women have forgotten that they were given the most amazing gift from God. The gift to bring His life into this world. Women populate this world–which in a very real way means they help populate Heaven.

No man can do that- None. Zero. Zilch.


And look at Mary Herself! :)A woman, and chosen for a very special role. What is that, now, compared to women whining that they aren’t allowed to be priests?:rolleyes: I, for one, don’t want a man’s role. I, for one, am very glad, and satisfied, to be a woman.


Yes, other than Jesus, the holiest person who ever walked the earth–was a woman! So easily we humans fall into pursuit of the things we don’t have, while forgetting the many things we hold and take for granted.


I am so tired of Planned Parenthood acting like they are God’s gift to women. I am so tired of them acting like the victim and spreading fear about women’s rights being denied. Young women cannot see through their lies.


Th most Demeaning thing said about woman is the idea that they need to have the right to kill their child to be complete


that is the sad truth.


I would argue that the abortion-industrial complex sets women, nay, all of humanity, much further back than the 1950s. They set us back to the stone age of child sacrifice to Moloch.

Also, is it just me, or are pro-abortion people just despicable people in general? Celebrities like Lena Dunham, Seth MacFarlane, and Bill Maher come to mind.


Well if you subscribe to an evil philosophy in general you will likely bear the corresponding fruits.


I’m sick and tired of the hyperbole around the war on women. Do they think a GOP president is going to issue an executive order that forces women to walk barefoot, and stay home?

Fortunately the youth are seeing through her charade, and supporting Bernie. Better Bernie than Hillary.


Better to have an avowed Socialist, rather than an “in the closet” Socialist?


Bernie who is promising free everything…probably will mess up and promise free cars, too.

They are BOTH bad news. One wants UNLIMITED ABORTION paid for by TAX PAYERS, one wants to raise taxes on EVERYONE (not just the “rich”).

And planned parenthood likes to use scare tactics (how do you think they have gotten scared young women to choose abortion over carrying to term? they use scare tactics like you’re not ready) so they are trying to scare women into believing they’ll be sent back to the 1950s when women stayed at home to care for their families and DAD worked to bring home the “bacon”. However. they forget that back then, as someone pointed out, that a lot of women wanted families. Now in this day and age, children are portrayed as too expensive and burdens on a care free lifestyle: e.g. You can’t go to Europe if you have a baby! you can’t have two cars if you have a baby! You’ll never be able to go out again if you have a baby! Or people delay parenting for so long by the time they want to start a family, their fertility has diminished.


The feminist movement was born out of a desire by a lot of women to become equal to men.Therein lies the problem.Rather than embracing the differences between male and female,recognizing the complimentary nature between the two sexes,that they want to emasculate men,and shed their oun feminine inclinations in the process.
They view their wombs as the enemy,in keeping them from breaking the glass ceiling.Blechhhhh…:(:eek:


If it set’s things back to at least the 1960’s we can get to the point when Planned Parenthood acknowledges that abortion kills a baby:


They would probably go insane seeing me right now. A successful woman physician in a director/management position at a Fortune 500 company. Right now in my office- barefoot and pregnant (when you earn a door on your office you can kick off your shoes!)

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