Planned Parenthood received $487M in federal funding; assets top $1B [CWN]

Planned Parenthood of America’s net assets topped $1 billion in 2009-10, according to its newly released annual report. The largest abortion provider in the United States received $487.4 …


Gotta have that money to pay the light bill so they can spend more of their own making sure babies never see the light.

$487 million of OUR tax dollars.

“Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s…” but you should not relinquish more money to a government than you absolutely have to, especially one that say’s that murdering a beautiful innocent baby is OK.

money that could be used to feed and clothe the poor and help create job skills programs to help people get better jobs, therefore less people would be on food stamps and welfare and there would be less reliance on the government. instead the money is blood money, used to poison the youth with pornographic sexual education that ENCOURAGES promiscuity.

Last I checked, it is the GOP that is leading the fight to defund Planned Parenthood. There is a difference between the Democrat/abortion party and the GOP. And don’t let anyone tell you differently, not a Democrat catholic trying to justify their votes, or a bitter fringe voter who refuses to vote in the general election because their guy Ron Paul didn’t get the nomination.


Let me guess! The Death Penalty?

Oh, also from WIki: “Planned Parenthood has received federal funding since 1970, when President Richard Nixon signed into law the Family Planning Services and Population Research Act, amending the Public Health Service Act.”

I by no means am in support of abortions. I feel they are wrong and would love to have them illegal, but to defund planned parenthood won’t stop them at all. Try to get Roe v Wade overturned (which is growing more impossible every day). Try to get information to people before they chose to go to the abortion clinic that adoption is the better choice. If you defund places like Planned Parenthood will only drive people to other orginizations which provide abortions, or worse yet push people towards unsafe abortion options which not only will kill the fetus, but the mother as well. And you ignore all the good planned parenthood does that isn’t against Church teaching.

Planned Parenthood provides many health services besides abortion. Some of the services/facilities Planned Parenthood provides include:
Screening for cancer
Pregnancy testing
Affordable health care
Advocating for state/federal policies that advance health care
Pregnancy options counseling
Sexual health education
Menopause treatments
Adoption referral to other agencies
STD testing
Tubal litigations

According the 2009 Planned Parenthood fact sheet, the number of services by category are as follows:
35% STD testing/treatment
35% contraception
16% cancer screening/prevention
10% other women’s health services
3% abortion services
1% other

Again, I don’t support abortions, and would love to see them become illegal again, but defunding Planned parenthood is like trying to take over a large company by stealing the secretaries.

Pilots13 are you serious? Saying Planned Parenthood does good is like saying Hitler did good because he got the trains running on time. If there was any justice, the leaders of Planned Parenthood would be locked up and thrown into jail for a long time. If you have to preface your words with “I am against abortion, but…” then what you say is quite suspect. Have you considered Catholic moral teaching on this matter? I would suggest you check it out. I agree with you that Roe V Wade should be overturned. As for Nixon, he was liberal and for abortion rights, but we really should get back to the here and now shouldn’t we? (Nixon has been gone for quite a while). The evil that Planned Parenthood does far outweighs any good it might do.


many of the so called non abortive services that PP provides can probably be also received at a federally qualified health center (and I mean the services that are **NECESSARY **such as cancer screenings…not contraceptives, which are NOT needed). We don’t need their pornographic sex ed in schools. We don’t need them poisoning children at a young age with “Sex is cool. Don’t wait” type messages. And they don’t do mammograms even though Susan G Komen has convinced many that they do!’

And recently, when some of their local money was taken away in a few states, they had to CLOSE…that’s the ticket right there…take away the source…and slowly they will close! Hit them where it hurts…their Blood MONEY!

Don’t forget that the humongous HOUSTON abortuary, which looks like a cash register, is conveniently located in the intersecting area of FOUR minority neighborhoods (black and hispanic)…Margaret Sanger was a RACIST EUGENICIST!

REALLY! This is what you are going to go with? PP kills children and you want to say they do some good!:eek::confused:

You are aware that most of not all health facitlities offers all of these services that PP does without making their main income from the murder of children. Plus you really need to know that PP does not offer mammograms never has and never will.

It is. Couldn’t you make abortions illegal, leave Planned Parenthood alone, and, with abortions illegal, they could shift their funding to begin offering mammograms? Or expand their other non abortion/contraceptive services? Once evil, always evil? Tell that one to St Paul. And I know there are other options for those services out there, but those numbers are dwindling every day. As the medical industry becomes more and more about the almighty dollar, fewer and fewer clinics and other health facilitates are offering the services to the impoverished demographic PP pulls it’s clients from.

My main point still stands. Going after PP won’t solve the abortion issue. People who want one will just go somewhere else. You close PP, other abortion clinics in the US will see a spike in their business. Work on cutting off the head of the dragon, not the toe.

That simply is not true any prolife pregnancy center offers all of these for free or for a margin of the cost. And they run on donations. By getting rid of PP we are riding the world of an evil.

One can not compare st Paul to pp when St Paul. Stopped his evil ways when confronted with the truth. PP refuses to do just that.

I love Planned Parenthood. I am so happy that those of you who are American taxpayers are helping to keep this great institution going. With your taxpayer support, Planned Parenthood can continue. Earlier this year, they helped me and a lady get out of a jam. Without their services, I might have had to change up my lifestyle. So to all of you who paid taxes, thanks; Planned Parenthood’s help would not have been possible without your help. And I still thank you even if you don’t like Planned Parenthood; your help still helped.

Join me in a prayer that Planned Parenthood will continue for years. They do so much good, but only with your help. Thank you.

I knew it was you Dr Evil!

To say that what Hitler did to the Jews was evil would be undisputed. However, that does not invalidate all he did. Some of his policies actually improved the German economy, in that regard he was fairly successful. Obviously, his economic successes don’t validate his evil deeds; but most people will not tell you about his economic successes because of the tendency for people to want things to be black and white. When presented with positive facts, instead of recognizing that there can be pros and cons to everything, you think that presenting the positives is a defense of evil. In this case, PP does do some good. You are free to ignore it in order to maintain a black-and-white picture of the world, but to say that all federal funds that go to PP must be evil and used for abortions is willfully ignorant.

Do I need to remind you of Romney’s health care plan which provides state funds for abortions?

I’ve said it before, but both parties have been in and out of power several times since abortion was legalized. If either party was serious about eliminating abortions, it would be done already. I can only conclude, therefore, that ending abortion is not a priority of either party and they simply use the language to attract voters.

You people want me to believe two contradictory ideas simultaneously.

  1. Abortion is highly profitable.

  2. If the government stops funding PP, PP will stop offering abortions (or there will be a reduction in the number of abortions.)

Unless the government was funding PP on a per abortion basis (which it is not) then removing federal funds would not force PP to stop offering profitable services; it would force PP to stop offering unprofitable services. Since abortion is allegedly profitable, PP would continue to offer them, but cut unprofitable services like free health screenings.

Actually its the government funding that has made abortions profitable. Your view is akin to claiming Haliburton is a charity organization because it uses government contracts as its main source of income.

No, that is silly. Unless you have evidence that the government gives money to PP on a per-abortion basis, it would not make any sense. If abortions are not profitable, then PP could stop offering abortions but maintain the same level of government funding. Abortions would not be “made profitable” by government dollars unless providing abortions was a prerequisite for receiving those dollars

Besides, you are breaking significantly from most pro-lifers:
These sources, for example, claim that abortions represent a sizable chunk (almost 40%) of PP income (although, we should note, that the 40% refers to 40% of income from the clinics themselves).

I’m sorry if I don’t fit in the mold you have established for “pro-lifers”.

Its just that you’d have to admit that pro-life groups have been wrong about PP in the past. Based on that, we would have to scrutinize their new claims (including this one) more carefully.

I have to admit to other people 's errors? How does that work?

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