Planned Parenthood receives $511,399 in tax dollars to act as navigators for small states


Again -Iowa and Montana… smaller states with a strong Planned Parenthood foundation

For the second year in a row, the Department of Health and Human Services will award two Planned Parenthood chapters in Iowa and Montana federal grants to act as “navigators

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland will receive an “anticipated grant” of $218,940 (slightly more than its $214,427 grant last year), while Intermountain Planned Parenthood will take in $292,459 (down slightly from $295,604 in 2013).

In 2014 they also gave $655,000 to Planned Parenthood for navigators… New Hampshire got $145,000.

HHS Awards Planned Parenthood $655,000 to Enroll People in ObamaCare

In 2013 in New Hampshire when they defunded it from their state budget, the federal picked it up…

All of our success at defunding Planned Parenthood state-by-state has clearly upset President Obama and his Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.

After New Hampshire decided to cut $1.8 Million in taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood in their state, Kathleen Sebelius responded by giving $1 Million in taxpayer dollars directly to the abortion provider to make up some of the difference.


So a “navigator” is a federally funded counselor, telling people what insurance they should get?


Sorry I head that in headline, took in out and reworded, and ran out of time.:doh2:

Yeh, it money for the Affordable Care Act to sign young women up. They seem to be targeting smaller states.

I am not sure about bigger states like New York but in the smaller states, PP have a major presence whether at the state house or with their clinics, not just their immediate clinics but they influence all the teen clinics thoughout the states.


Are the “progressives” sick tickets, or what? :rolleyes:


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