Planned Parenthood’s 40 Days of Prayer for Abortion Condemned

Planned Parenthood’s 40 Days of Prayer for Abortion Condemned

The outrage against the 40 Days of Prayer for Abortion campaign a California Planned Parenthood affiliate has put together has been exceptionally strong since LifeNews broke the story about the campaign earlier this week.

What an awkward name! How about “40 Days for Reproductive Choice” or something?
On a more serious note, if certain religious groups can have their “40 Days for Life” campaigns, Planned Parenthood is absolutely within their rights to have a counter-movement, freedom of speech and all that.

How stupid that they would think to pray that abortion remains legal or increases. These people must be truly deceived that abortion is murder or they wouldn’t be doing this. May God have mercy on us all.

‘Reproductive choice’ has more aesthetic appeal to cover up the violent reality of what the word ‘abortion’ represents.

They are interested in making money, not in actually helping women.

Studies show that the overwhelming majority of women, 70%-82%, regret their abortions. And those that do not, I don’t believe made an informed choice. They talk about their abortion and say that their mother told them they had to take care of the baby or abort. And since they were teenagers at the time and not ready to be parents, they chose abortion. What about adoption?

I would like to see more information about the development of pre-born children (babies are pretty developed before a woman even realizes she’s pregnant), as well as information about adoption resources. There are over 100,000 couples on waiting lists to adopt newborn babies and 14,000 to adopt babies that are usually aborted (Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, etc.)

So much for “informed consent”. Women who have abortions are both uninformed and are acting out of fear (boyfriend is making them, they don’t want their parents to find out, can’t care for a child, etc.).

Prayer for abortions is absolutely sickening. Abortion hurts women. Anyone praying for abortion only cares about making money and/or about using/abusing women without consequence. Disgusting.

:signofcross: Jesus protect the unborn and their mothers. :highprayer:

For a Catholic, is it ever right to mock or criticise people for praying for what they believe to be good? Is it ever right to assume dishonesty on the part of those calling for prayer?

The intent is what is so vile. These people may be calling it prayer. It that’s far from what it is.

May God have mercy on us all.

Who are they praying to? Baal? Moloch?

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