Planned Parenthood Says Best Mother's Day Gift is Donation for Abortion

This year, give the gift of suction

I feel sadly for Cecile Richards. I don’t understand her motivation–to be that engrossed in the destruction of babies, and to claim that it’s ''for the good of women’s rights," is scary, to say the least.

Sad…very sad.:frowning: Prayers for all women who are faced with the decision to abort, and who end up choosing life, despite the efforts of organizations like this. Prayers for all women who went through abortions, and who struggle with the aftermath of it-emotionally, physically, and mentally…the disclaimer PP leaves out of course. I pray for all touched by abortion, and for our society to wake up to the stark reality that PP is about hurting people, not helping them.:frowning:

Give a gift for Mother’s Day that prevents Motherhood? This is completely sick and perverted.

Is this for real? Has anyone explained to these folks that half of aborted babies would have grown up to BE women?? What about their rights?!! Ugh. :mad:

I still don’t understand their name, I mean how is “Planned Parenthood” killing your child?

I also hate the fact that my tax dollars go to this garbage, federal funding and promotion needs to stop.

It is the Orwellian Doublespeak that is the hallmark of the Secular Relativists.

Further reason to oppose and eliminate them as an influence in society.

Uhm :eek: … That’s about all I can think to say. Did a multimillion dollar corporation just contradict itself, and call it charity? Oh wait, this happens all the time.

So ya, that makes perfect sense. Give the gift of never having to accept motherly responsibility, by helping to kill babies. At least they’re acknowledging these women are mothers… But wait, I thought to be a mother, you had to have a child? And how can you kill them if they’re children? That must be murder. But that would make too much sense…

PP is truly shooting itself in the foot with this, but everyone’s still going to laud it as truly ‘good.’

I must admit I do not understand evil.

What a buch of sickos.

Planned parenthood should be shut down and its leaders locked up.

Abortionists use Mother’s Day for fundraising
’You have to admire the utter chutzpah of the people at Planned Parenthood’

You’ve got to be kidding me! Planned Parenthood is probably the most disgusting organization on earth! :mad: What a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day by paying for someone to murder their unborn child! Sounds like a really great way to celebrate Mother’s Day to me! :mad: :rolleyes: Oh I am just fuming at this! :mad: :mad:

Hi Cecilia, Unfortuntely, a lot more than half…many little girls across the world are aborted just because they are little girls. Very sad.:frowning:

From the Planned Parenthood homepage:

Planned Parenthood Celebrates Mother’s Day
Make a gift in honor of your mother or someone else you love this Mother’s Day.

Having a pro-choice mother is akin to child abuse. Think about it, what is the underlying message a pro-choice women is giving to her child?

“I love you but I still think I had the right to kill you.”

“I love you but it would have been okay with me if you never existed if I had exercised my right to an abortion.”

I conquer.

I wonder if someone who supports this could say it to the face of my friend, who spent Mother’s day drunk and sobbing, afraid to fall asleep because she might dream about the baby she aborted.


Steams me up.

I thought this was a joke thread! I can not believe this!!! what are people thinking???

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