Planned parenthood shooter Robert dear claims he is a warrior for babies


Well all the speculation by the “left” was proven correct. (I do not think it was a big leap to think that it was abortion related though)

My thoughts are that this will be bad for conservative Christians fighting abortion because it delegitimizes their position of moral superiority, and certain Christians will be unfairly judged for the actions of one ill man. Please remember your feelings about this when talking about Muslims.

I think the bigger issue is that this will for the most part stop the debate on the planned parenthood video issue. They now look like the victims so it isn’t a political winner to talk about. Many moderates may view conservatives who continue blasting PP as kicking the dog. I’m not saying its right that that will happen, just that it will happen.


Of course it’s bad for the pro-life movement. It’s terrorism, pure and simple. This sort of action will not end abortion and can and will be equated to the San Bernardino murders. This fellow set back the movement, but I don’t think he has the mental capacity to understand that.


Of course this is coming from NBC news, the mouthpiece of Planned Parenthood and the liberals. They will always associate and find links between criminals and the pro-life movement


Just take a look at the California shooting, the liberal news media blamed it on Gun Control and not on Muslim extremism…


Why wasn’t the “Unabomber” bad for the environmental movement? I don’t remember anybody accusing him of setting “back the movement”.


Blaming NBC News for reporting this story? :rolleyes: Sorry, you can’t blame the messenger on this. If it makes you feel any better, here’s a link from Fox News:




The Unabomber did harm the environmental movement, just not nearly as much because hard green arguments are not common, its never really been discussed on the national stage.radical environmentalism is a fringe issue but some of the more conservative abortion stances with total bans are common in political discourse. That way dear can be brought up again and again in ways the Unabomber cannot. The Unabomber wanted complete abandonment of technology, that is NEVER discussed. The Unabomber was less damaging because he was a bit less tied to the national debates of the time. Also abortion clinic killings, vandalism, and harrasment is much more common.

In essence I think that there are (at least in the publics eye) more ties between dear and the genral movement than there were with the unabomber.

But really don’t argue that past killers of physicians have not hurt the movement, they have


And currently we have a presidential frontrunner wanting to implement religious tests to visit the country to keep Muslims out. Maybe the media isn’t raising a stink but you CANNOT tell me the Muslim community isn’t feeling the heat



He was also muttering other things when arrested. This man is no pro life warrior.



Planned parenthood destroies lives, but Mr. Robert did a terrible thing in attacking those who destroy infants still in the womb. Both need our prayers.


As long as it’s FOX News, it’s bound to make someone feel better.


I just saw a news clip of his ranting in court. He is not a credible spokesman for anyone, except maybe as a reminder of what happens when sick people go off their meds.


But he might have heard that PP was murdering babies from somewhere and the words stuck in his mind enough to declare himself a warrior for babies.


There was a case where a young man drove into a Planned Parenthood office, I’m not sure if that facility even performed abortions. Then, the young man was uttering something like “it’s like a concentration camp”. This happened a few years ago, so yes, there are some unhinged individuals around. I’m not sure if he was even prosecuted and charged, he was probably given an examination on his state of mind. These things happen, he clearly should not have done that which happened around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Though it is a milder incident, I would not characterize this as something the pro-lifers did.


Also, I figured out if he did end up saying something like this, for all we know, this could be a defense mechanism. However having said that, I guess an ex-wife said he had done something to harass Planned Parenthood in the past as well.


Sy Noe, this is where I get very concerned about the rhetoric that we use in our public discourse. I have no idea about this man and his religious or political beliefs, but the words he used mimicked the rhetoric we are hearing all the time. And that rhetoric led him to take action that killed and wounded innocent people.

I think we are crossing lines here, and our religious communities don’t always realize the consequences.


In other words pro-life people should just shut up.:rolleyes:


Did I say that? I said rhetoric has consequences.

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