Planned Parenthood site Uptown still sits empty


NEW ORLEANS - Eight months after Planned Parenthood held a ceremony to break ground on a new Claiborne Avenue facility, the lot still sits untouched.


Good to hear that PP has not made any progress on this site. I pray that it stays that way.



I love that the Archbishop has called for a boycott of any firm that helps build this Planned Parenthood. He said, in a statement, that any firm that is employed in constructing this building will not be used by the Archdiocese in the construction of their schools, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. He sent a letter out to each parish, stating this. I wonder if that could have anything to do with the construction being stalled.


Wow! I like this Archbishop!


Good! I hope they end up selling it and someone builds a shelter for women & children to help them get on their feet and away from abuse, etc.! Actually on second thought, maybe it would be better if no one would buy it from them, they are stuck with it and still can’t get it built. :smiley:


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