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Does anyone here know of a reliable source or an accurate way to find out who contributes to Planned Parenthood? Most of the things I have found on the internet tend to be from blogs and forums, or they are old articles.

And, there are those “tricky” ways that money makes it’s way to Planned Parenthood. For example, I read that Pampered Chef does not contribute. However, they had been bought out by Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffet owns stock in that company and if what I’ve read is true, Buffet contributes to Planned Parenthood. So, wether a PC consultant likes it or not, the money is lining Buffet’s pockets and still finding a way to planned parenthood.

Another thing I read online was that Sonic contributes to PP. How can one know for certain? Does a company or PP have to release the info of who contributes?

It’s obnoxious how Komen has the market completely saturated too.

Google word search: Planned Parenthood donors

or: Planned Parenthood donors 2010

or: Planned Parenthood donors 2009

We can’t be held responsible for what private citizens do with there money, especially as far removed as someone like Warren Buffet, who owns stock in a parent company. We should investigate charities, so that money donated to research cancer ala Susan J. Komen doesn’t end up contributing to someone drastically more evil.

However, taken to the extreme, this can get pretty ridiculous, for instance I heard a similar tale, about how “boyfriends” in the midwest were supposed to boycott Dominos Pizza, because the owner donated to pro-life causes. Thus buying pizza would betray their girlfriend’s “right” to choose…

Hopefully you got a general answer above…

But can I just gripe a little about all this Susan G Komen/PINK takeover of EVERYTHING! October is getting a little ridiculous!.. I can’t buy a yogurt without it having a pink lid, or a box of cereal that doesn’t have a ribbon on it…

It’s just a little obnoxious at this point… :rolleyes:

There is a PARTIAL list put out by a company called Life Decisions International - you can apparently order the full list from their website, but you can view the partial list on their website. It is apparently a very extensive list of corporate contributors to PP.

just google “ldi planned parenthood list”
(still learning the interface or else I would have included some clickable links) sorry :blush: :shrug:

Gripe away! I have been taking pictures of everything that’s gone pink in October and it’s a ton of stuff!!

It’s definitely overkill.

Yes, LDI is the most accurate, and well researched organization that researches contributors to PP that I know of. Their website is:

They are specifically focused on contributors to Planned Parenthood, since it is the one and only international mega-abortion chain. So, you will not find information on Susan Komen contributors, per se. They update their printed boycott list every year, and at certain points throughout the year they post via their webpage those who have come “on” and “off” the list before the next printing. One thing you get, in addition to the full print of the boycott list is a pocket-sized reference for anything that you might encounter while shopping (whether for a tangible item like clothes or for intangibles like a hotel stay). It is super handy. And their guidelines are pretty stringent regarding who is on the list: companies found to have contributed will get a letter from LDI, informing them of the boycott and why. They will also explain that the company will remain on the list unless/until that company writes to them and specifically says they are not going to contribute to PP anymore (or until they have ceased funding for five consecutive years). One of the main components of the corporate boycott is to have participants write nice but firm letters to the company CEOs about their disappointment that they contribute to PP. That, combined with prayers of many, have removed 257 organizations from funding PP according to their website! Hope this info. helps.


PS - I forgot to add that LDI lists the parent company, as well as its acquisitions. So for example, it will list Time Warner, but also lists all the titles of the publications owned by them (and suffice it to say, there’s very few magazines and national/regional papers that can be purchased, sad to say!)

You’re going to drive yourself crazy trying to figure out who contributes to the causes that you may or may not have issues with. But, I can make this one just a bit easier for you: I contribute to Planned Parenthood.

Agreed!! I dislike the color pink anyway–always have. I avoid everything I possibly can with any pink on it…especially in October—especially S B K or anything to do with it.

Hi rick

May I ask why you volunteered this information? I don’t want to think ill of you but it just seems like a provocation to me…

Personally, I found your post provocative and painful. My prayer would be that you will stay as close as possible to your wife and His Church. If you keep an open mind and heart, one day you will be rewarded by recognizing the Truth.

Just because its a pink ribbon, don’t automatically assume its for Koman. Dannon yogurt has the pink lids but their contributions are going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. which is pro-life. :thumbsup:

While I am no fan of Planned Parenthood, I don’t see any problem with supporting Susan G. Komen. I have seen this statement before and couldn’t find it again until today. I don’t know how to do quotes to the relevant parts, but its not that long and I refuse to plagerize.

Am I missing something here?

Good to know! :thumbsup:

The fact that its a letter directly from Koman? Why would they ever willingly admit to providing funds for abortions? The other thread provided plenty of sources that prove this letter is one-sided.

This is why I asked if I was missing something :thumbsup:

I’m not sure what thread you’re talking about…

This one:

Thanks, I’ll read through this when I get a chance. I never go to Social Justice which is why I missed it.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this thread and are continuing to do so!

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