Planned Parenthood Terre Haute Health Center to close in July

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Officials with the Planned Parenthood Office for Indiana and Kentucky have confirmed that the Terre Haute Health Center will close in July.

This is good. Let’s put abortionists out of business.

A little unrelated, but still has to do with abortion. Could someone explain to me why on the very orthodox National Catholic Register, a bunch of folks in the comment section who identify as Catholic are arguing in favour of abortion?

This is great news, even though Indiana’s new law was stopped by a federal judge this week. Among other things, it prohibited choosing abortion because the fetus may have a disability. PP argues that a disabled person is better off dead.:frowning:

This is pretty bad news for anyone who has or will have to deal with a disability, which is almost everyone. The ruling is not surprising after similar laws have been blocked in Texas and other states.

Let’s hope that in the next issue’s comment section, they will hear the truth.

Lord keep us from confusion!

Can you be sure they are Catholic, and not non-Catholics pretending they are Catholic to sow seeds out of doubt/confusion etc?! There’s no doubt though they may be Catholics. There are sadly Catholics supportive of legal abortion.

I haven’t been to the site but I wonder if they actually are arguing in favor of abortion or in favor of a woman’s legal right as the US Supreme Court found over 43 yrs ago. Along with favoring religious liberty for all women on this issue where a Catholic woman can follow the dictates of her faith and not seek an abortion in any instance whatsover and a woman of another faith whose denomination allows some choice to also observe and follow the dictates of her faith’s understanding today. Sure I understand they are dissenting from the Catholic faith by not supporting religious liberty on this issue for these woman of non Catholic faith. But polls have shown a large % of Catholics dissent on the use of contraceptives in the privacy of their bedrooms too. If any and all dissent is counted, I actually wonder how many Catholics the Catholic Church could truly claim in their count.


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