Planned Parenthood that served thousands in Winter Haven shuts down


WINTER HAVEN, Fla. - State lawmakers in the Florida House are working on a budget that makes sure no money goes to Planned Parenthood.

It comes at the same time Planned Parenthood in Winter Haven closes its doors.

Some see it as a victory, but the nonprofit claims it closed because it made sense financially.


I don’t know how many people the Planned Parenthood clinics serve annually in Florida in comparison to those served at Federally Qualified Health Clinics, but FQHCs serve over one million people in Florida annually.

The statistics below are from 2015:

In Florida, there are 48 FQHCs operating in 429 service sites and serving 1,128,651 individuals per year.3

 In Florida, there are 22 Planned Parenthood centers.4


For years funding has been diverted from FQHC to PP, I’m glad to see such reversed.

All the Fed $ was a marketers dream, it paid for their marketing, overhead, and established a customer pipeline for their very profitable abortions.



Maybe now my friends over at the public health department (who have been doing the real work of women’s health) can get a little something.


Served thousands?! :rolleyes: Make the little hamburger cartoon a “doctor” and
put up a neon sign with the number “served”. Forget that it’s also a body count. :mad:

:crying: - What’s happening to our town, Winter Haven?

The headline makes it sound so benign. Even nostalgic. Song of the day: Beach Boys’ “Shut Down!”

:wave: Bye-eee-[size=]eee![/size]


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