Planned Parenthood Uses "Choice on Earth" Theme for Fundraising Email

Planned Parenthood Uses “Choice on Earth” Theme for Fundraising Email

New York, NY – The national Planned Parenthood abortion business is at it again, using a sacrilegious Christmas theme to raise money for its efforts to promote and perform abortions.

You think they’d come up with a new theme.

2002: Choice on Earth
2003: Choice on Earth
2004: Choice on Earth
2005: Choice on Earth
2007: Choice on Earth (e-card)

Apparently, they didn’t even offer any Christmas Cards at all in 2006, 2008, and 2009. But it’s still an old theme. Rehashed. And still as sacrilegious as ever.

Disgusting. Choice? What choice? The baby has no choice, and the mother can CHOOSE to keep the baby or place him/her for adoption if she is unmarried or cannot care for the child.

Hard to believe such a theme isn’t a closet pro-life campaign.

You’d think even the most robotic abortionist would pause before tying the birth of Christ to the idea of abortion.

I say let 'em dig their own grave. Pass it around.

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