Planned Parenthood: Various Facts, Figures, Articles and Information


Planned Parenthood (PP): Various Facts, Figures, Articles and Information:

1) PP performs more abortions than any other organization in the U.S. (about 27% of this country's total - 332,278 last year).

2) Contrary to PP’s claimed desire to reduce the number of abortions, the more funding they have received from the government, the more abortions they have performed.

3) PP's claim that abortion accounts for merely "3%" of it's work is based on extremely misleading accounting - abortion actually accounts for at least 36% of its "health center" income, probably much more.

4) At PP, abortions outnumber adoption referrals by 340-1.

5) Only 7,021 clients received prenatal care from all PP centers combined last year.

6) Contrary to the public claims of its CEO, PP does NOT provide mammograms.

7) PP has been caught acting contrary to laws requiring them to report statutory rape and has even been caught acting in ways that would enable purveyors of underage prostitution.

8) A former Planned Parenthood director has exposed the fact that she was pressured to increase the number of abortions performed.

9) 97.6% of pregnant women who go to PP are sold abortion.

10) PP’s founder, Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist who believed in weeding out “the unfit”.

11) PP performs a very disproportionate number of abortions on minorities and their centers are very disproportionately located in minority neighborhoods.

12) Most Americans oppose giving PP tax money.

The information above can be found at the following links, below. Statistics cited were compiled from Planned Parenthood’s own numbers:


Never before released audiotapes reveal hundreds of nationwide Planned Parenthoods offering to cover up child rape:


Thanks for the links and stats!!!!



I like this. It does make sense that more federal funding means more abortions. From what I hear, Planned Parenthood may allow you to pay less for an abortion. How do they do that? Use the non federal money that was planned to fund Birth Control and switch that to abortion.


Michael, thank you for this post. I pray more people would know about PP and all its secrets. God bless you.

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