Planned Parenthood vs Natural Family Planning


Why does the Church not allow Planned Parenthood, contraceptives, abortion, etc, and yet at the same time, does allow for Natural Family Planning?

What is the difference between the two and why does the Church approve of the latter over the former?


Essentially, because any form of contraception (including the IUD, Pill, Condom, and especially the morning after pill or abortion) destroy the potential for human life, and promote the idea that couples can have sex without being open to the possibility of procreation.

In natural family planning, the couple remains open to the possibility of their sexual unions producing children, but for example they can choose to have sex during the least fertile days in the woman’s cycle to reduce the probability of this.


Planned Parenthood is anything BUT that. They are the largest abortion provider on the planet, in addition to handing out artificial contraception to minors when they KNOW that minors cannot be trusted to take that kind of medication properly, thus, causing more pregnancies and increasing their bottom line of doing more abortions. Also they know the health risks of these medications to the female body and yet, they promote sex without consequences.


Society mistakenly believes that sex is the basic unit of social interaction. When sex is viewed as the pinnacle of human achievement, then it banning contraception seems absurd.

However, the basic unit of society is marriage and the family. Because the vast majority of children are raised by married couples, society functions. Strong families pass values and skills, as well as love and care.

Contraception destroys this the continuity. Every year a couple remains without children is a year lost from enjoying with their children or grandchildren; family traditions are lost more quickly. Abortion has wiped out millions of children, who would now be entering the work force, and buying goods and services. The economy is stalling because there are not enough people! :eek:

Furthermore, murdering millions of innocent children has taken its toll on society. So many are trying to escape the guilt by turning to alcohol and marijuana. Its no coincidence that binge drinking is at record levels today, while abortion and contraception create the illusion of consequence free sex.


To add to others:

*]NFP doesn’t change anything in the woman’s body. In fact, unlike artificial birth control (which challenges God’s design by overriding fertility or placing a barrier to it) you can use NFP to *increase *the chances for conception as well, since you track fertile times as well as infertile times.
*]The Church understands that spacing children out is a practical and pragmatic reason for economics or when medical issues could result in a complicated pregnancy. The Church does warn that using NFP as strictly a way to avoid children without due cause as morally illicit.
*]NFP has a greater success rate than ABC when used properly.


In simple terms, is not sinful to not have sex. It is sinful to have sex using some type of birth control. NFP is learning when to have sex or not. We been using it for a few years now. Both of our children were planned.


I want to also add that NFP is excellent when you want to achieve a pregnancy. The woman learns how her body is functioning, can closely determine ovulation and thus improve the chance of achieving a pregnancy. I learned this from one of my RCIA companions who wanted to become pregnant and joined an NFP discussion list. She and her husband had been trying for years, had adopted one girl already. Subsequently she and her husband have had five babies! Oh and they became so impressed by Catholicism that they converted.

The point is that natural family planning is using our bodies as they are ordered and the results are the self giving love intended by God to be a part of marriage. Chemical or mechanical or drug barriers all prevent the mutual self giving that is marriage. You are in effect withholding from your spouse.

As to Planned Parenthood, the evil empire, not only does it provide millions of abortions with taxpayer dollars I might add, but their programs are designed to hpersexualize immature young people. Their websites and other “instructional” guides are so graphic and vulgar they have been banned by even liberal media. The hypersexualization of teens and even tweens leads to experimenting, risky behavior, emotional distress AND serious medical complications. They do not warn of the side effects of birth control pills, morning after pills or hormone shots or hormone laden IUDs.

Planned Parenthood works against the normal body function of men and women while NFP is working with your body and its intended function.


  1. Natural Family Planning does not involve messing with the natural fertility cycle that GOD created that shows a woman when she’s fertile and infertile

  2. Contraceptives mess with the body’s natural cycles, have horrible side effects, can cause chemical abortions (if there’s breakthrough ovulation) and are a Level ONE Carcinogen’

  3. Planned Parenthood was FOUNDED by a racist, eugenicist that HATED blacks, other minorities, the disabled, Christians and LARGE families in general. She even hated “the marriage bed” practically PROMOTING adultery!

  4. Abortion kills a HUMAN BEING.


NFP is birth control.Abortifaciants,BC pills are contraceptives,meaning they frustrate the process of conception.NFP entails abstaining from sexual intercourse during the woman’s fertile cycle.Couple are open to the possibility of a pregnancy with NFP.

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