Planning a Pilgrimage


I want to plan a pilgrimage to Rome for Holy week ending in Turin on the first day of the Shroud exhibit. It would be a personal pilgramage/anniversary trip for my husband and I, but I need information about how to get to the holy week liturgies at the Vatican, I also need to know how to get into the shround exhibit on that first day, are there any groups you can join up with other people cause it looks like diocesean groups have priority. Anybody have any helpful tips, advice, websites ? I would appreciate it. Thanks.


Is there a special reason why you want your pilgrimage to be on that exact schedule? If you can bend a little on the dates, check out

Steve Ray has a group going to Rome, Shroud of Turin and Assissi in May of next year. It looks like a great itinerary. BTW, I went to the Holy Land with Steve and Janet Ray this year and I definitely recommend any pilgrimage they would lead.

God Bless!


That looks like an awesome pilgrimage, but I can’t miss that much work, if I do it during holy week and fly back on Sunday the 11th I only have to miss two days of work because of Spring Break. I just really want to see The Shroud and I have always said I wanted to go to Holy week in Rome-someday, if this all works out I can do both, but I have no idea how to plan it so I can see everything I want to see, it’s so much easier with a group but on your own not so much. But then again it wouldn’t be much of a pilgrimage if it was easy now would it?:wink:


Watch your belongings while in Turin … especially at the Shroud, pick pockets everywhere and they’ll get in your space, ask for the time or something and have your wallet before you know it. :mad:

Have fun!


I lived there for two months when I was in college, all the tourist spots in Italy can be crazy when it comes to pick pockets. Of course, our teacher taught us a curse to say to the gypsies, that actually made them scatter like flies, but now that I’m a little older and wiser, I’m not sure thats really a good idea:p Plus, I don’t remember what it is…There were gestures and everything. Thanks, for the heads up though it is always a good reminder to be careful when out traveling. I do remember that the pickpockets in Italy, are very good at what they do, and there is no shame in playing to our kinder tendencies by getting the children to distract you while they pick your pockets.:frowning:


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