Planning a pligrimage in the future

Hail brothers and sisters,

I wanted to know what the church’s position on pilgrimages was. See, I have a mind to make a pilgrimage from England to Jerusalem in the future. I want to visit all the catholic churches I can and give respect to the saints of those lands, to adventure you could say :smiley: , to pray and sing psalms while on route. Granted, it might sound ridiculous to many people, but it’s a thought I wanted to share with people, since my ancestors in the past have actually done so before. I wanted to see what they saw, experience what they experienced and to honor what they honored – as I honor them.

There are many reasons I want to do this, and it’s quite obvious it’s going to take me hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars to get this done.

Any help on this would be great.

Pilgrimages are great and wonderful as long as you are going somewhere good and not some place like Medjugorje.

I would love to be able to do this.

GO!!! I went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in January (19-29) with a group from my diocese including a priest. It was truly a life-changing event! We had Mass every day at a different holy site. You can’t imagine hearing the Sermon on the Mount at the Mount of the Beatitudes!!! The boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, going to Capernaum where Jesus taught…I could go on forever!!!

Oh wow. :rotfl:

But I still need time to gather the money, to set out a route, to speak the different languages. I mean, I would LOVE to go as a group. It would make it SO MUCH worth it, that way I don’t have to go alone. But I don’t mind going alone. I’ve done plenty of things alone – although, technically, I will have God with me on this one, and with hope, every Saint and Angel in Heaven watching over me in prayer.

You have any advice? Anything that could help me?


The thing about going with a group is that you don 't have to know the language, as you have a guide. Plus they might go places that you didn’t even think of, that are off the beaten path, so to speak. When I went on my pilgrimage to Greece we went to Meteora. Now the pilgrimage was in the Footsteps of St Paul, and Paul never went to Meteora, but it was an unbelievable place.

When I went on my pilgrimage to Rome we celebrated Mass in the crypt. As far as I know only organized groups can do this. We also made an unscheduled stop at one of the colleges where seminarians study in Rome. Again, not on the usual path.

Also transportation is included as are most meals. And, there is always a priest for Mass every day, confession and direction if needed, and you get to meet the most wonderful people who travel with you. I also think it might come out less expensive than if you would do the same trip on your own because they get a group rate.

I was actually thinking of doing things on foot. Start in London, then pray at a Catholic Church there, get a ride on a boat to cross the English channel, make my way from the beaches of France to Paris, where I want to pray at Notre Dame, then make my way down and cross into Switzerland, pray there, then Italy and visit Rome, pray there, then cross over to Greece and pray there, if possible, then maybe Turkey and go down through Syria and into Israel to Jerusalem. But this does seem like the unsafer road there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any advice would be fine with me. :smiley:


I would definetly suggest going with a group and coordinating with a reputable tour company because it makes everything flow more smoothly. Don’t worry aboubt learning a new language; almost everyone has a working knowledge of English; the only words that were helpful were Shalom (hello and goodbye) and todah (thank you).

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