Planning For Your $2,000 Stimulus Payments? Here’s The Current Proposal

I speculate that the percentage of those saving is very low. When the stimulus checks went out, the local Walmart sold out of Televisions.

It is more like “Some” would save, “Many” would spend. The USA is a materialistic nation. We love to show off what we have, we love to have spend money on Entertaining our friends if we have resources to do so. Yes, the majority will spend. Many will go out and buy brand new cars. Ultimately it is a better win win win scenario.

Is this money taxable?

Yes a cashier at another store told me that the week the stimulus checks went out he went to Wal-Mart and he said MANY people had large screen Tv’s in their carts. I was a bit surprised when he said that but then later not as surprised.

The last stimulus check was not. But the local and state economies got a lot tax money on the sales. Did they not?

And I forgot to mention, the local Lowes and Home Depot have been making money hand over fist. Never in the last 10 years have I seen their parking lots busting at the seams.


That’s what floored my niece. When this first started and EVERYBODY was under the strict stay at home orders as she would go to work. She said here we are all scared to death to go anywhere or be close to anyone yet the Lowe’s parking lot was PACKED with cars.

Demand opens business.

Yes, I agree with you ( :dizzy_face: ) that some amounts are just ridiculous and crazy. On the one hand I think that it’s more an expansion–not like they are hoarding something in limited supply–and they earned it, but I also feel like it falls into the area I have trouble with multi-nationals: disproportionate influence, and lack of accountability.

Speaking of which, I am sure that centi-billionaires have lots of accountants to help them hide their money should anyone raise taxes on it.

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