Plans for abortion advice TV ads

This made me feel sick…:frowning:

Pregnancy advisory services - including abortion information - could be advertised on TV and radio under proposals due to be released.
Restrictions on condom adverts could also be relaxed, as part of plans aimed at reducing high UK rates of teenage pregnancy and sexual infections.
They suggest condom adverts could be shown before the 2100 watershed.
The idea is part of a review of advertising codes, which will now be put to the public for their views.

that’s disgusting.

especially the commercial advertising condomns. i agree with you. makes me sick.

I feel it’s typical of British establishment to be honest. In the UK we have the highest rate of teenage girls getting pregnant in the developed world,as testified to in this recent newspaper article and half of them now end by killing the baby!

The pro aborts actually say publicly that the 50% abortion rate is a good thing because the stigma of abortion is being lifted. Meanwhile the government ministers admit that the trend is ‘disturbing’ and believe the solution is yet more explicit sex education, more free condoms and other contraceptives.

It’s madness: Keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. “Oh. Throwing that petrol on the fire didn’t make it go out!! I guess we didn’t throw enough. Let’s get that big barrel of petrol over there and throw that on.”

Even accepting the premise that contraceptives are ok (which I don’t) the whole scheme is just about as stupid as stupid can be. Do these people not understand what it is like to be a teenager? Haven’t they read all the studies that explain how the male teen mind does not have the chemicals to adequately connect actions with consequences?

And that will be the day I pull the plug off of the TV system in my home.

That commercial was so horrible. It was just insulting. At first I thought it was funny, with the kid screaming. Then when it said USE CONDOMS … as if that is the solution to a spoiled child … just don’t have one! :mad::frowning: I guess everytime my child acts up, I am supposed to be regretting not using a condom? I don’t even know what to say. It is just really sick.

Isn’t it horrific that it is calmly announced that the British government is considering loosening regulations that would allow abortions to be advertised on primetime tv. They already promote condoms only after a few mintutes of watching some teen/young adult snogging (kissing and fondling) with a tattoo of gonohorrea or chlamydia on their arm!!! So those ads might be allowed before the watershed (9am). Then having an abortion add quote " nurses with smiling faces" unquote, in the adds during coronations st!!! Absolutely sick.

I was horrified at them blatantly advertising the HPV vaccine as a cool thing to have done. But amongst all of this NO ONE is telling the youth of abstinance or chaste living. The government and the “Seeker Friendly” protestant churches are saying have sex but have safe sex!!! Then when they’re taught sex education they are taught that homosexual sex is an option!!! Hey I am no prude and I have some great gay friends but I know what God’s plan is for sex.

Just my opiniion

Bishop O’Donoghue has issued an excellent statement on the news that the Advertising Standards Authority is considering allowing the abortion industry to advertise through the broadcasting media. As he says,

“This deeply damaging proposal originates from the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health & HIV and therefore comes from the heart of the abortion industry – threatening yet another hammer-blow to the sanctity of human life in this country.”

Read the full statement here:

American Papist has a good bit on this as well:

You can’t advertise cigarettes, but you can advertise mass murder:
Condom adverts could also be shown before the 9pm watershed. The Committee of Advertising Practice and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice is launching a 12 week consultation to gauge reaction to the plans.

The watchdog claims it is responding to Government calls for action to combat rising teenage pregnancy.

It would be the first time that pro and anti abortion services will be allowed to advertise.

However, those against abortion will be required to make clear if they do not refer women for abortion so that delays do not result in medical complications.

The move has been criticised by the church and pro-life groups. (UK Telegraph)
And also criticized by Ed West who says:
These abortion adverts are supposed to combat our teenage pregnancy rate, currently six times neighbouring Holland’s, but will only have the reverse effect. The Government has already spent a fortune combating unwanted pregnancy these past dozen years, making abortion and contraception ever easier and looking surprised when the pregnancy rate fails to fall or even goes up. They’re like General Melchett in Blackadder Goes Forth, sending thousands of men to their deaths in the hope that this time the “big push” will work.

It won’t. If It didn’t before, why will it work now? Alcoholics Anonymous have a saying: “If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same result”.

Forget condoms and abortion adverts: money spent on normal academic classes that instil students with self-confidence and teach them to think for themselves would bring better results. But that would mean the health establishment getting over its addiction to sex education.

Of course I think West’s solution fall short. But it’s far better than the one proposed by the UK government.

“Addiction to sex education.” I hope people pick up that damning phrase.

Thing is, I can just imagine how they’ll go, "Are you scared? Are you worried how you’ll provide for a baby? etc. All phoney compassion. What woman,married or otherwise,planned or not does not panic from time to time.? All honeyed words to lure you in. Perhaps a backdrop of some toddler yelling in a supermarket,just to hammer the point home.:mad:

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