Plans for Muslim cemeteries face backlash across the U.S



I’ll never understand the argument that somehow not embalming with chemicals somehow contaminates the ground more? :confused:


Embalming is a completely unnecessary process in most cases, from what I have read. Refrigeration works just fine. I would be much more concerned with the embalming chemicals (which are carcinogenic) making it into the groundwater than I would be natural body deterioration.

and that not embalming is better for local groundwater in most cases. (Jewish tradition also prohibits embalming.)

For the record, I do not wish to be embalmed. Keep me in the 'fridge until the funeral.


In the UK, AFAIK most people are not embalmed, but then, my country’s not known for its high temperatures!


There is opposition to a Muslim cemetery being proposed in a town in my state.

The argument that the decaying bodies will pollute nearby wells is unfounded and flawed.

For one, the Muslim group agrees to place the bodies in a wooden coffin inside a cement vault as Catholic Cemeteries have.

The other flaw int he argument is the fact that the neighbors septic systems are closer to their wells than any grave site will be.

The opposition has more to do with the fact that its Muslims, period.



I trust CBS with an unbiased approach to this story about as much as a few folks in Dudley, Mass. trust Muslims with a cemetery.


CBS was right on with this story.

I live here in MA and have followed the story from Dudley, and debated with people from there who oppose the cemetery.

There is no basis for their opposition other than its Muslims.



Sounds similar to the opposition in Virginia to the mosque using sewage restrictions as a cover.


Well there is a difference there.

In VA, the Islamic Center required a commercial size holding tank and was in a downtown area, where pumping would’ve had to be done every two weeks, thereby impacting the other businesses.

The cemetery, is on a old abandoned farm on a country road. Houses are spread fare and wide between, and there is no evidence that decaying bodies would get into the ground water and pollute nearby wells.

The argument against the cemetery is as flawed as trying to get bears not to dump in the woods, for fear of them polluting wells.



The headline is meant to deceive. CBS knows what people will think when the headline is read.
People oppose new construction almost everywhere. Especially when it is near they home. It would’t matter if it was a Catholic cemetery, people would still oppose it using any flimsy argument at their disposal. There is no citation in the article of people saying they oppose the cemetery because it is Muslim. There are, however, quotes from people saying that is most certainly not the case. And I would say CBS is treading on grounds for liable with garbage like this.
The “not in my backyard” argument is not exclusive to Muslims. Welcome to America Amjad Bhatti.


Actually thats not true.

We have Catholic Cemeteries which are expanding, and not opposed.

My own town recently got a Veterans Cemetery, no one complained even neighbors with wells.

This cemetery is no different than the others and the opposition is because its Muslim.

I’ve seen the rhetoric by those protesting against it on FB.



This is bigotry pure and simple which is borne out by the supposed fear of vandalism.

Has anyone objected to Jewish cemeteries? My understanding is that Muslim practices are quite similar to Jewish law, i.e., the body is to be interred ASAP, preferably by sundown of the next day, umenbalmed.

The idea that decaying bodies will pollute the ground worse than chemicals is ridiculous. I have to say that the whole idea of embalming creeps me out. The Bible tells us “remember man that you are dust and that to dust you shall return”. The purpose of embalming seems to be to deny that reality.

My diocese has opened a section of one cemetery called Kateri Meadow for “natural burial” which allows only burial in a shroud, metal-free pine coffin or willow basket & no embalming.

I hope some Catholic or other Christian church will offer these Muslims a section in their cemeteries.


I don’t doubt there is uncivil rhetoric about it on FB.
And I, personally, would not compare locals’ approval of a veterans cemetery to a religious one.
I don’t want to mix local rhetoric with opposition from the folks who will have this cemetery down the street from their house. There is always some group of idiots who ruins it for everyone. The people who feel comfortable posting bigotry should not be held in the same hand as those property owners near the proposed site.


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