Hope your all well.
Does anyone know of a bible reading plan which i can get online with questions at the end of each daily reading. I wanted the questions at the end of each day to make sure I am taking things in and also to help me reflect more on what I have read.
Many thanks in advance.


Here is one that I've heard of. It's not specifically set up on a day to day basis.
It gives questions - but unfortunately gives the answer right underneath. I would have preferred answers to be kept separate (on another link).
Just click on a book of the Bible you'd be interested in and you'll see all the lessons that go with it. I have never done this study myself.

If you're ever interested in doing one on the Sunday readings, Fidelis (a CAF member here) has a very good one. I have done his and thought they were very good.
As well as the current week, you can see previous and upcoming weeks.

Here is another one put out by Scott Hahn.
Click on the main category you think you'd like to follow (eg. Covenant Love: Introducing the Biblical World View; or, Genesis to Jesus; etc.)
Once you do that, the actual Lesson links will appear in the right hand column. Just start clicking on those.


Thanks Nita,

I (like the OP) have been looking for something like that. Can’t wait to start…


Hi Nita,
Many thanks for those links.
The Scott Hahn study is just what I needed and even more it design to give you an overview before you take a bible study more intense.
It's also good as I am converting to catholic and covers the catholic way of reading the bible.

Many thanks again


Looks like something I would like to do too. Really like the Scott Hahn site.:thumbsup:


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