Plasma, LCDs blamed for accelerating global warming

Looks like I now have a good reason to buy a Flatscreen TV :smiley:

Plasma, LCDs blamed for accelerating global warming

A gas used in the making of flat screen televisions, nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), is being blamed for damaging the atmosphere and accelerating global warming.

Almost half of the televisions sold around the globe so far this year have been plasma or LCD TVs.

But this boom could be coming at a huge environmental cost.

The gas, widely used in the manufacture of flat screen TVs, is estimated to be 17,000 times as powerful as carbon dioxide.

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Any preferences on Brands?

From what I know about it, not all that much escapes. Morever, it’s a considerably more reactive gas than CO2, so it’s questionable how much of an impact it makes. Still, worth looking into.

So it is okay to pollute the environmemt?

Can’t use hairspray, gotta have that thing on the gas nozzle like California so no evil vapors escape, now y’all tell me I can’t watch tv?

No, but neither is it okay for people to use the environment as a political weapon against certain countries or as a fear mongering tactic.

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