Play coming to my parish- MAGDALENE

Hi all,

This play about the last hour of Mary Magdalene is coming to my church and I was wondering if anyone has heard details about it or seen it. It kind of rubbed me the wrong way when I saw it in the bulletin. It’s by Michael Johnson and is being performed by Thelma Ann Jones.

Thanks! and God bless,

What is it about? What does it say happens during the last hour of her life?

I hope it doesn’t intimate that Jesus and MM were lovers, as some recent works do. That would be disgraceful and abominable. RACJ

I’m not sure what the play is all about- the bulletin says she retells precious memories of the life of Christ through her eyes- including his death and resurrection. She has the burial shroud… and that’s about all I know of it.

Actually, I found a little excerpt of the script on Google Books. It only shows the first and last couple pages, but the play ends with Magdalene lifting a loaf of bread saying “Let us partake of this bread, in remembrance of Him, for this bread, in symbol, is His body. Take and eat, for our Beloved’s body is sweet and good…” Then doing the same with wine.

I’m still wanting to know if anyone has more information, though.

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