Playboy Open to Sale Talks: Reports $145.7 million fourth quarter loss. [FOLIO]

For those who haven’t heard of FOLIO, the print edition covers can be seen here. It’s featured on Google News.

During a conference call today announcing Playboy’s fourth quarter and year-end 2008 financial results, interim chairman and CEO Jerome Kern was asked by an analyst if … it will consider a sale and/or changes in the strategic direction of Playboy magazine.

“Yes, we’re open to discussions,” Kern said…

Late last month, Playboy said it was closing its New York offices and would combine its print and online editorial operations. …

In October, the company said it closed its DVD business and eliminated 80 positions—including 25 open positions.

I didn’t even know Playboy’s DVD business had been closed. Whatever one’s opinion, at least Playboy isn’t asking for a bailout.

From a more business perspective

Playboy shares rose 8 cents, or 5.3 percent, to $1.58 in midday trading. The stock has ranged from $1.03 to $9.13 over the past year.

Shares often rise when news hits of a potential sale.

Would it be unchristian to pray for bankrupcy?

It’s funny, I was watching CNN and they were discussing the economey and they had Kristy Hefner on to talk about the recession. I mean, what was the point of having her on? Do I care what a failed pornographer has to say about our economic mess?

Yes, the economy is a factor. But unfortunately, easy to get online porn is probably a bigger one. :frowning:

That was my thought too. Sadly, the bankruptcy of Playboy would mean absolutely nothing. Pornography is more ubiquitous than ever.

Middleman is right. This isn’t an indicator that pornography is on the wane. Just the opposite–that a tired medium peddling the softer pornography in a bad economy can’t keep up with technology and pornographers pulling out all the hard-core stops.

Agreed, and it’s not just publications like Playboy. Print magazines in general are suffering because of the internet.


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