Playing Mass in the background

With the pandemic, there are tons of Masses online. Is it sinful to have a Mass on YouTube playing in one tab, while I am working on other things? Would this be a sacrilege? If so, I’m wondering why there are no warnings about it.

It wouldn’t be sacrilege because you’re merely virtually observing the mass. You’re not participating in the mass when you watch on YouTube. Many people listen the mass while driving or doing chores for some of us it helps us to remember sacred things.

What exactly do you think sacrilege is? And now would this be an example of sacrilege?

Trying to understand your line or thinking.

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It’s just a TV show at that point. When you watch Mass online, it doesn’t confer any particular graces or fulfill your obligation to attend Mass, so it’s entertainment. Treat it as reverently or slackfully as you wish. There’s a certain website that advertises every single online Mass around the world, and it’s a huge list. You could watch Mass in another tab all day long, and sometimes I’ve done so.

I thought it might be sacrilege because it might be misusing something sacred, by not necessarily treating it sacredly or with reverence.

I have to disagree. Mass is or should be a prayer, whether you are physically present or not. It is certainly not entertainment, any more than praying the Rosary is entertainment

Of course you can always pray while doing other things. Personally I prefer to pray in situations where I can focus on the prayer, though.

This sounds to me like scrupulosity. I mean honestly, why would this be sacriledge?

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