Playing Mass


Is it a sin to “play” mass using those colorful wafers that they sell at corner stores if you know that it isn’t a real mass and you fully accept that what you are doing is just pretend?
What about using real hosts that are unconsecrated? Some parishes sell them in Poland during Holidays because family’s consume them for the special occasions.


I don’t know why an adult would want to “play Mass” in the first place. Doing such things are what children do.

I know of one bishop that used to “play Mass” when he was a child. Of course, he was not mocking the Mass, he was just playing.


I’m not an adult :confused:


How old are you?


14 years old


It is nice to see young people on this forum. Like I mentioned, a play Mass is OK, but I think you’re a little too old for a play Mass, aren’t you? :thumbsup:


Awwwww :confused:


When I was a kid, we used Better Cheddars. My mom didn’t get them that often, but when she would, my brother and I would want to play Mass because the crackers were thin and circular like a host. :o

Now I play Mass with my daughter. But we have a play Mass kit, so we can use the little foam hosts instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re old enough to know the difference between real and pretend. If you thought that you were causing transubstantiations to occur, there would be issues. :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise, I don’t see a problem.


I dunno, I was still playing with smurfs and Ninja Turtles at that age. :blush:

Now I have kids, which is great because I have an excuse to play with toys and it’s not considered weird. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would say it is bad.


Dear Discerning13,

I think that the name you chosen seems apt. It reflects who you are and your searching. Playing mass is a bit young for you and could pull you spiritually off course. Not knowing the type of parish you attend (full of older people or with a good mix of youngsters), its difficult to suggest some alternatives, but I will have a go.

  1. Chaplet of Divine Mercy - its not too long and can be sung (its on EWTN at 1500 hrs). You can pray this alone or with a group.

  2. Eucharistic Adoration (you only need stay as long as you can manage).

  3. If there are other youngsters in the parish who want to do more, perhaps you could ask your Priest if it would be possible to have a youth group for fun and faith.

  4. What about actually getting involved in the mass (if you aren’t already)? Altar Server, Reader, Eucharist Minister, collector, meeter and greeter?

  5. Talk to your priest, tell him how you feel and see if he has any ideas to help you discern and deepen your faith.

  6. You mention playing, so if you are with other youngsters, why not act out some Bible Stories, invent games e.g. guess the saint? Or, if you are alone, maybe you could trying reading a Bible story and trying to imagine you are there (if you take that further, it is called Lecto Divino and there are books about getting the best out of it).

In the meanwhile, may God bless and guide you on your journey of faith and life.


I used to play Mass when I was a child too.

In Poland they have opłatki where each has a piece of a larger one and take it in turns to go to all the other members in the house at that time sharing a meal together. Each break off a small piece to share from someone elses and offer them blessings.

To my knowledge they have not been consecrated.

They do it on Christmas Eve after a meal of many types of fish.


Dear Friend,

There is nothing wrong with playing Mass. You are not a Priest and have no intention whatsoever of consecrating the host… so, it’s fine!

Hope all is well with the Discernment!

In corde Iesu, per Mariam,
Deus, Salus Nostra


I used to play mass when I was a child. I used Necco wafers for “communion”.


I fully remember still playing with Polly Pockets at 14. I didn’t tell my friends, of course, but I played with them by myself.



Necco wafers are perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can definitely remember playing Mass when I was a kid.


I see nothing wrong with a child at play imitating what they see grownups do.

Let children be children.

God bless this youngster for imitating that which is Good.


Yes, the Muscle Men AND the old Lego set recently came out in our house. Hubby is a happy man that he can excusably play with these toys once again.


I recently walked into my 3 year old’s bedroom to find her playing Mass. She had situated all of her stuffed animals to be the congregation. So I came in and sat down, and went with the flow. She said, “Everybody stand up.” So I stood up. Then she said, “Sing song number 22H226, ‘The Giraffe Song’”. I said, “Yes Ma’am!” To which she replied, “Not you, mama. This Mass is for Giraffes only.”

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