Playstation 3 vs XBox 360

**I currently have the original XBox. I’m thinking of getting the PS3 due to the fact that it has blu-ray and supposedly better graphics.

However, from the looks of this:**
**it appears the 360 is putting out better graphics for the time being.

The blu-ray feature is what attracts me to the PS3, and the promise of eventually superior games. However, the amount of current games for the 360, Halo 3 (I’m a huge Halo fan), and XBox live are drawing me back to XBox.

Does anyone out there own either system? If so give me the pro’s and cons of each one.**

To get off topic just a bit, I recommend the Nintendo Wii. The controls are fun and easy to manuver. You can connect to the Wii Shop Channel and download classic NES, SNES, N64, and SEGA games.

PS3 is too expensive and it is not backwards compatible to old PS games. So if I had to , I would choose 360 over the PS3. But I would recommend the Wii overall.

You can buy a Wii and a 360 for the price of a PS3…

Get the Wii… we got one two weekends ago,and every free moment we’re playing it. Beware though, it’s a 5 oz contoller, but you will be sore after bowling and playing tennis for 3 hours

Earlier I asked my 13 yo son who currently has an Xbox, PS2, and Game Cube, but is eyeing the new consoles. He said he votes for Xbox 360 handsdown.

360 is strong right now, but remember, it has been out much longer and hence there are more games currently. However, PS3 has some advantages and some even predict that it will “win” the “console war” but not by much.

Here is a recent article:

Most publishers will have to put their games on both boxes due to the high cost of development for next gen. So really, it may just be best to get whatever most of your friends you play with plan to have so you can have friends on-line. PS3 has slightly better hardware, but it is more difficult to program currently, but eventually everyone learns the tricks of the machine and it will be easy and you will really start to see some spectacular games. That applies to both boxes, though it will happen more for 360 because it is inherently easier to work on and as mentioned it has been out longer.

If money is an issue (and when is it not…?), a 360 is best buy and you won’t miss much of what PS3 has to offer over it.

**I know money is an issue, it always is. Again, the main thing drawing me toward PS3 is built in blu-ray. When you add the price of the HD-DVD peripheral to the total cost of the 360 the price isn’t much different. I see this affecting graphics as well. PS3 games are on blu-ray as well whereas 360 games are standard DVD. In theory, once programmers work the bugs out, the potential for better games skyrocket when you compare the mere storage capacity of blu-ray over DVD. However, I’m not a programmer and maybe this is irrelevant to graphics and overall game quality.

I’m not too big on Wii personally, but I know Nintendo is more kid friendly and maybe this will be an option when my daughter is a little older and the prices have come down.**

Right now, 360 is the way to go. It has a better game selection, most games on 360 look about as good as PS3, and the PS3 has lost several high profile exclusives. The only PS3 games that look significantly better are the exclusives. Blu-ray is nice, but if I remember correctly, the PS3 is a fairly low end blu-ray player. PS3 is a pretty good system, though. It just costs way too much. I might get one to go along with my 360 when the price comes down.

Don’t get HD DVD. It’s fairly evident that Blu-ray is winning the format war and so eventually there won’t be any HD DVDs or players for sale. Blu-ray is outselling HD DVD by a lot (71 to 29 percent market share for movies – so this doesn’t include the Blu-ray games)

The storage capacity of Blu-ray will have a lot of impact for some games (such as those that use a lot of pre-rendered high definition video) but not so much for others.

The PS3 is a good Blu-ray player. It has a disadvantage however. It doesn’t upconvert DVDs to high definition resolutions (your TV will do it instead). Some say this may be fixed with a future update.

I’ve got the Wii & PS3. Personally we like our Wii better. The graphics on the PS3 are good, yes, but to get the HD out of it or to use the Blu-Ray player and actually see HD graphics, you have to A) have an HDTV & B) get the HD cable that connects the PS3 to the TV. The cable that comes in the box isn’t the HD cable. Also, some older model HDTVs aren’t compatible with the HD Cable they make for the PS3. Most of your new plasmas, LCDs, or newer HDTVs are but if you have one that is even a couple of years old you might not have the correct input/output for the cable they sell. Just a couple of things to consider!!

If u got ps3 ill play some 1 online :slight_smile:
i got madden!

Honestly, you need to decide which takes priority: the games or the media device.

As far as winning the “next-gen war” on terms of games is concerned, there is just far too much data to really deny the fact that the Ps3 is really in trouble in this regard. Not only is it failing to sell at a rate on par with the ps2 in all territories (with Europe as the exception), but when compared to amount of exculsives the ps2 had incoming when it was less than a year on the market, it’s honestly staggering.

As far as game variety is concerned, the 360 is currently and will almost undoubtedly be by far the better choice over the ps3. It may not have the technical prowess of the ps3, but, like the “low-spec” ps2 from this past generation, it really won’t matter: the hardware differences will constitute only a neglible difference in the quality of the games, and when its offered for a lower price, the deal is sweetened even furthur.

As for the wii, this is a system that actually may very well indeed suffer from having such drastically reductionist visuals, but given the strong public outcry of support for it (it’s outselling the other systems in all world territories easily), I think we can expect the wii to have the most developer support in the end.

I would agree with comment about the blu-ray in that it will probably eclipse HD-DVD no problem. Simply put, though, it really isn’t going to have a noticeable impact on the games we play. If you’re into the blu-ray DVD movies, then a ps3 may be worthy of a purchase. Just don’t expect your games to be better because of Blu-ray, because it really won’t make a difference this time around.

The Xbox 360 rocks Feanaro , has a lot of fun games and has better graphics than the PS3, I can see what you mean by the Blu-ray discs but i mean thats just one feature… your best bet would be the Xbox 360

You mentioned in another post about the Wii being more kid-like which i disagree with to a certain degree. Ok it has ****** graphics but you have to move around to play the games ( such as swing the remote when playing baseball or jab the remote when playing boxing) which makes it a pretty cool console (much better than the older nintendo consoles, i’m not much of a nintendo fan either but the Wii is a big improvement).

God Bless,

Blasphemy! The NES was the greatest system ever. I have very fond memories of playing that thing growing up.

The XBox 360 is really nice, but I think I’m going to get a Wii pretty soon. I’ve never been a Playstation fan.

If you really are a fan of nintendo i would really recommend the Wii, awesome nintendo console :thumbsup:

Plus you can download the original NES games off the Wii and play them on the Wii ( provided you still have the old NES controllers)


Most of the games also have the capability to be played with the Wii controller, as well.

This is incorrect. Take a look at this site. Five circles indicates perfect compatibility. Four = minor issues, three = playable. You can look at PS and PS2 games by alpha.

i have an xbox 360 and you can get lots of different games for it
you can get a wireless controlers and lots of other accessories
you can get front panel covers…:smiley: :smiley:

there is all sorts of games for different people and it comes with or with out a 20gb hard drive
its a very good consoul and its not to exspensive :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
also if you want to look at the price of games for most consouls
go to
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

First off, apologies for dredging up an old thread. :smiley: Actually, I initially did a search to see if there were any other Catholic XBox Live members out there, thought we might put together a pool of Catholic/Christian gamers that we can play together without fear of being verbally assaulted. I just got my 360 a little over a week ago, but have been afraid to log into multi-player for all the horror stories I’ve heard. That, and I need to pick up a headset. :slight_smile:

However, as I read this thread, it was an interesting perspective given the time that has spanned since it was started. With the announcement just this past week that Toshiba was conceding defeat in the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray war, the PS3 just gained some new currency in the entertainment arena. Not to be outdone, the corpse of HD-DVD is still warm and rumors abound that Microsoft may already have a Blu-Ray add-on in the works that may see light of day as early as May '08. I’d personally be surprised to see this, as Sony holds the rights to Blu-Ray, but if Bill Gates dangles enough cash in front of them, anything can happen.

The pricepoints on the 360 and the PS3 have continued to slowly go down, and it’s quite possible with the 360 soon reaching the mid-point of its expected six-year cycle, that the popular platform could dip below the $300 mark before the end of this year. The PS3 is gaining momentum, both in terms of exclusive titles and the out-of-the-box Blu-Ray capability, but it will probably still wind up fetching in the ballpark of $400 throughout the rest of the calendar year.

The Wii is the little-engine-that-could of the next-gen gaming world. While not as big a technical leap as its two competition platforms, it basks in the glow of lower price and larger appeal for the “bookends” demographic…the very young and the er… “youth challenged” folks. The cost of the platform makes it very attractive to cash-conscious Americans, and the innovative inertial controllers (“numchuks”) have a way of drawing gamers into the whole experience like few other platforms. As an aside, what to many is the Wii’s biggest draw (the controllers) is the thing that keeps many away from the console. As someone who suffers from arthritis, the notion of spending even an hour with your arms and hands flailing in the air makes me ache just thinking about it. Still, I’m going to miss Zelda and Metroid titles that I’ve enjoyed so much in the past.

I will probably wind up picking up a PS3 before the year is out (I’m an unabashed Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid fan), and both the Sony and Microsoft platforms have much going for them. It should be interesting to see how the platform wars progress in the next 6-12 months.

Now, back to the original purpose of this post. If you’re on XBox Live, drop a friend request to gamertag Timmeh31 and we’ll tackle some multi-player stuff together. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. :thumbsup:

I own both a 360 and a PS3. I own 26 games for the Xbox 360 and 5 for the PS3. Hope that info helps :slight_smile:

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