Plea to Confused Catholics

See column linked here. Excerpts:

How is it possible that [Stephen Schneck]… can justify his [support for Obama]? He personally rejects abortion, gay marriages, embryonic stem cells research (all three strongly endorsed by our present president), and yet is trying to convince us that to vote for him can be justified on moral grounds.

Upon hearing Professor Schneck’s [endorsement of Obama], I was not only grieved: I was stunned. Unwittingly, he assumes that the end justifies the means: that to vote for a pro abortion president, by some mysterious twist, will in the long run, protect life.

Indeed, it is our strict moral duty to care about our neighbor’s needs, but this concern can never justify our breaking a moral law with an absolute veto. There is no conceivable moral justification for endorsing Obama’s position.

…All those who intend to vote for a president who clearly justifies not only abortion, but homosexuality, same sex marriages and self assisted suicide in the name of “social concerns” are gravely “sinning” against this hierarchy established by God Himself. We should be “socially concerned,” but such concerns are legitimate only to the extent that they respect the natural law. Moreover, they should never “allow” us to violate a moral law with an absolute veto. I am not allowed to kill one person in order to save another person’s life.

Catholics blessed by the Magisterium are doubly culpable for not listening to the voice of our pastors who defend both God’s commandments and the “natural” law.

I repeat: to place a strict moral commandment which suffers no exception, on the same level with a vague unwarranted claim that in the long run the abominable moral evil of abortion coupled with “social concerns” will have positive consequences, is a tragic confusion which, alas, has caught many “good” Catholics into its devilish net. Indeed, the Devil is the Master of confusion.

Before going to the polls, may I urge all men of good will to say a short prayer echoing the one of the blind man of Jericho: “Lord, that I may see.”


Thank you for posting this. It is a gem:

Man’s second duty is to do as much good as possible. Modern man is psychologically tempted to give priority to “good and noble causes” over our strict duty to abstain from moral evil. The reason is obvious: by not committing murder, we are just doing our “duty” (see Luke 17:10). We do not deserve praise. How ludicrous it would be if a man “bragged” that he has not murdered his parents. How grotesque would it be to give an award to someone because he has never raped a woman or a child. Who deserves praise for doing what he ought to do? Whereas our concern about the wide range of “social issues” strikes us as noble and generous deeds that deserve to be commended and honored. It makes us “feel good” about ourselves.

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I pray daily for all misguided Catholic,that through the Grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit, they will come to an understanding of the Truths and Teachings of our Catholic Faith.

Shared on Facebook. Pray for the misguided/deluded.

I think it is important that we pray constantly for the Catholic Faith as a whole. For those who know truth, that they may share it with love, patience, endurance and good Faith. For those who are confused, that they seek, ask, learn and grow. For all of us that we may best represent Christ’s faithful bride to the very best of our ability!

Many catholics I know don’t mix politics and religion. For example what they believe during mass and catholicism is not what or how they vote in the election booth.

I disagree with this but know so many Catholics who are in this category.

No it’s not necessary to talk with God before this election. Anyone with a moral compass and an ounce of integrity would know better than to vote for obama. They might as well sacrifice their soul first.

This attitude might have been the way to do it a long time ago in this country. It is the
way many feel they keep the peace. If you watched the movie, For Greater Glory, that
complacency finally gave way. Sometimes it is necessary that we speak up and share
the truths of the faith and their place in our politics… Can we separate what is happening with
the HHS mandate on our faith? And what will come next? As Obama said he will “have
more flexibility” after his re-election.

That is called “compartmentalizing.” But we as Catholics are called to BE Catholics in ALL aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to protecting LIFE from conception to natural death. They are splitting themselves into 2 parts so that they can maintain their loyalty to a party.

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