Pleading God to Remember


Please include my petitions in your daily prayers to plead to Our Lord Jesus for the grace to sustain me and my family in our daily lives in order to please him and that he will remember us and our petitions always especially in the final days of lives for his greater glory. I earnestly ask the Lord and you to help me. Amen.


May the good lord our God send his Holy Spirit to comfort and guide you towards peaceful pastures. In the name of Jesus may you and your family remain in His grace and mercy. Amen.


Lord protect this family and keep them pure in faith, hope and love. May they love each other like they love their very selves and always be provided by your loving providence. May they pray as a family together and live with You as their King and with Mary as their Queen and be the faithful princes and princesses that are good stewards of their Father’s house. Bless them and make them holy. May they glorify you with lives well lived in Your service with love for You, each other, and their neighbors. Amen.


God remembers.
May He flood His merciful love upon you and your family always.


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