Pleasant surprise at Mass yesterday


Since I arrived home from Dallas in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, I couldn't go to my usual church (Our Lady of Walsingham, which is an Anglican use church with a great liturgy).

The bus dropped me off downtown around 3:45, and I was originally planning to go to the cathedral at 5:30, but when I realized that would put me home around 8 PM I frantically started searching for alternatives within walking distance. I found out that there was a parish by the name of Holy Rosary about a mile away with a Mass at 5 PM. As I ran to the church I braced myself for the typical guitars and clapping of a late afternoon youth mass, but when I entered the nave about 5 minutes into the Mass, I heard Gregorian Chant. My biggest surprise came at communion time. I approached the head of line and as happily shocked to see a communion rail in use!

Incidentally, OLW both uses a communion rail and celebrates ad orientem. The 8:15 Mass also uses quite a bit of Latin as well.


I'm very happy for you that your experience turned out to be so pleasant and that your misgivings were not realized. (Oh, by the way, arriving five minutes into Mass?!? Hopefully your irreverant behaviour didn't cause scandal! :D )


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