My beloved Friends,

I am desperately trying to get guardianship of my Daddy as most of you know. Today, I have cried more tears because the woman who has him captive will not allow us to see, nor call him. At court yesterday, the opening statement was “The woman who kidnapped my Dad, CDF”. Yet, he is still with his wife until the duration of the trial. I am wishing God, our Father a great day, or whatever His child can do that is appropriate. Will you please wish God one too? Happy Father’s Day to you God for giving me the most wonderful Daddy I could ever have or for that matter anyone could have. And Happy Father’s Day to you too. You gave my 80 year old Daddy (I’m 56) the blessings of generosity, kindness, charming, loving, caring and calling me his baby girl all my life. Plus, loving all his children like no other. My Daddy cared about people and helped so many. With his dementia he is frail, but still he is still generous and still loves.

Thank you Lord for my Daddy and all the Fathers of the world.

Love ya’ll,
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I never thought to say “happy father’s day” to our heavenly father … but he is indeed our loving father.

Lord, I thank you for being my father and for being all good and merciful. Thank you for creating me and for loving me so dearly … thank you also for blessing me with a biological father. Amen.

Happy Father’s day to my father Yahweh :smiley: I love Him, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit more than anything! :heart: Thank you God for creating me, my family, my friends and everyone who make my life speical. :slight_smile:

And we should also say happy father’s day to Joseph! :eek:

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