Please answer this question for me

I really need to know the answer to a very personal question. After the childbearing age, is it ok for the completion of the sex act for the man to take place outside of the woman or is this sinful? I know it is sinful during childbearing years but not sure about after. Thanks for any help you can give me.

What you describe would be called contraception, and is always immoral. In the Bible, this was the sin of Onan.

All sexual relations must be open to life. God can create miracles. There have been elderly woman that became pregnant and gave birth before, even a few examples in the Bible.

Why would the (presumable) husband do this? If it is accidental, it is not a sin.

Onanism takes away from the intimacy of the moral act and is a grave matter regardless of fertility.

It is a sin.

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