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why do we have five more books in the bible than our other christian denomination friends?:confused:

The quick answer is that during the reformation protestants removed books of the bible that didn’t agree with their “new” theology. We didn’t add more books, protestants took them out. Here’s a more detailed history of scripture:

Here are some additional resources:

Because the protestants through them out around 1880. Before that, they were in even the protestant bibles. Get an original King James 1611 version and see for yourself.

But, even though they were physically in their bible books, they considered them to be apocryphal, which essentially means non-scriptural, so they really couldn’t have truly been considered in the protestany bibles.
FYI OP, it is actually 7 books that they took out along with parts of 2 other books.

I may have told this before around here,I’m not sure, but it bears on this thread:
I was raised attending a small Free Methodist Church in a nearby town. (This was about 50 years ago). Anyhow, the church building had been remodelled, & someone wanted to donate a new pulpit Bible…
You could not buy a pulpit Bible that did not have all of the Deuterocanon in it.Not because someone was “putting them in”, but because as late as the mid-1950s, Bible publishers had still not taken them out!! Regardless of publisher…
I’m sure somebody somewhere–:wink: Baptists maybe??..Someone has maybe put one out there by now. But the Bible that the pastor reads from in that same church, every Sunday? It’s a KJV with the full complement of books included. That’s all that anyone was printing!!

Now that I think of it, seeing that, as a kid, may be one reason that I have never been able to get away from the feeling that there is just something wrong, about printing “condensed” Bibles…

I volunteer at an ecumenical mission meal for the poor that is held at a local Methodist church. The pastor brings his Bible to the meal because he always reads the Gospel reading for the following Sunday (the meal is held on a Thursday). His Bible is the RSV with all of the books. :thumbsup:

That’s great to hear!!!

Read [/FONT]**[FONT=arial]Abridging the Bible**.

One more link:

Defending the Deuterocanonicals

For the same reason we have 5 more sacraments, a valid priesthood through Apostolic succession, One church instead of 33,000 varieties, and a single leader to keep us on task. Rebellious Luther, a Priest, not a Bishop or Cardinal, succumbed to his ego and fractured the Body of Christ. Since then, you note that Protestants must spend half their time being anti-Catholic and the other half being Christian. Catholics get to be Christian 100% of the time. They also have a tendency to bash Peter and Mary. I bash only the evil one.

“Woe to those Shepherds who scatter and destroy the sheep of My pasture, says the Lord” (Jeremiah 23:1)

Christ’s peace.

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