Please be careful

Please be careful,

There might be some individuals on this forum who come across as “good Catholics”, scholarly, and well-intentioned, and even reach out to you via PM. But that does not mean they can be trusted!

Remember that we are all dealing with strangers over the internet. We do not know if we are indeed communicating with wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Please be careful.


Anything more specific? Maybe let a moderator know?

I’m not sure if you’re referring to advice given or being careful of what personal information you give to someone. Certainly, you should always do a little personal research on any advice your receive here. I would not give personal contact info to someone sending me a PM through a screen name.

Has this happened to you OP?

Very solid advice for everyone, MainBrain. I hope there hasn’t been a problem for you specifically in this regard. If there has, please be sure to let the CAF moderators/administrators know. Our Lord’s blessings and peace always to you.

Good post.

There are good reasons to believe that this is the case on CAF, and has been so for a long time. I can’t go into specifics (detraction and all) but prudence is the best policy here.

Which is exactly what they should do.

Several mods have publicly stated that people should use discretion in what they post. If something is inappropriate or suspicious one need only forward it to any mod and they’ll deal with it. especially with PMs.


Well, it’s true that some accounts have been nice on the Forums but not-so-nice in PM’s. The Forum Rules mentioned that Staff will also receive scathing messages. That’s not surprising considering what’s showed in my inbox over the years.

One of the things to keep in mind is that some folks join, post and questions seeking professional advice.

Many times over I have had to refer people to spiritual direction off the forums. This isn’t the place for it, but a lot of people come here for it.

I was a victim of this. Thankfully, I moved to another location.

Please be careful.

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