Please Boycott Mozilla

Sadly, I am removing all products created by Mozilla from my computer and will no longer use them. Unfortunately, Mozilla has decided that people who express opinions in favor of Gay Marriage and people who express negative opinions of Christians are solid citizens. Unfortunately, Mozilla has also decided that people who disagree with the idea of Gay Marriage are hate mongering Nazi’s that are unfit to be employed by Mozilla.

Article (one of hundreds) here.

This is not about “Gay Marriage”. This is not about “Gay rights”.

This is about equating disagreement with hatred.
This is about political freedom.
This is about the constitutional right to free speech.

I am disgusted that America is gradually becoming a country in which a private citizen is fired for making a political contribution to a political cause. Even worse, I am disgusted that the majority of the American populace is stupid enough and lax enough to let it happen.

In America, people aren’t supposed to lose their livelihoods because they voted a certain way or personally donated to a campaign.

I ask anyone who agrees with me on this to uninstall Firefox and Thunderbird from their machine immediately.

If you don’t like IE, you can find other browsers here:


For me, this isn’t even about religion anymore. It’s about the Constitution.

I agree! I just wrote to them about being bigots on their feedback page and now will uninstall Foxfire. BTW…installed Chrome and it works much better!


Well they’re a private company. You say it’s about the Consitution, but it would be terrible if it was the governments job to appoint CEO’s to private companies.

The only thing that happened in this situation was customers expressing their rights on the free market.

Well, private companies can do what they want. Many jobs are “at will” which means they can say goodbye to you anytime. I am not in favor of what Mozilla did, but I like the firefox browser and will not get rid of it for this reason.

I don’t know. I think this boycotting everyone all the time is getting out of hand of late.

Well, weren’t the gays and progressives were boycotting Mozilla for one reason? Now, Christians are boycotting them for another. Mozilla has, what, a computer business? It’s just trying to make a living like everybody else.

When you boycott a company, you will affect, in some cases, hundreds if not thousands of people, most of whom had nothing to do with any of this. Will it change anything? Probably not, except to harm mostly innocent folks…workers far removed from this.

I don’t know how this works with Mozilla, but I think this company has suffered enough. If it’s like any other company, they have families to support, too. They’ve been through not one, but seemingly 2, boycotts.

It seems no matter what they do, they can’t win. Talk about the saying, “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

I also don’t know how much of this is rumor, how much is fact. Are you absolutely sure of the facts, 100% on this, and are going to blame Mozilla for everything? Are you sure you want to run Mozilla into the ground yet more?

If so, why not run all these other companies that are probably worse in their policies into the ground, then? Why single out Mozilla?

They seem to just be the focus now, getting caught in the middle of the fight that is really between some gays/progressives and Christians. They are almost really like a pawn, nothing more. They are merely in the crossfire as far as I’m concerned.

I think in this particular case we should leave Mozilla alone, and let them make their products or provide their services without further complications.

I’m disappointed with gays/progressives for doing this to Mozilla, starting all this. What this man did in his own private life should be none of their concern. Would gays/progressives normally be the first to say this? What about tolerance? What a double standard.

When it’s convenient, some gays/progressive say people’s personal lives should be private, but apparently, this is just said for them when it suits them.

I feel so badly for Mozilla being manipulated by both sides on this private matter that I’d be tempted to get some of their stuff, because I think people on both sides are being unreasonable, here.

who uses mozilla it’s sooo slow and I just dislike thier service in general aside from thier whole little scandal going on I don’t boycott something just because they don’t share my views on something

Don’t be bigoted. Gay marriage is fine.

I don’t believe in gay marriage, myself, but I don’t know if it’s the Christian thing to tell people to try to destroy Mozilla over this incident.

I just think it’s gotten excessive, that boycotts should be used more sparingly.

What makes you think that Chrome, etc. don’t have anybody on the staff, CEOs, etc., who are pro gay marriage, abortion, etc.?

Are you certain the others have a better track record on these issues?


We live in a crazy time. Why are you with your browser? Well, the gays/progressives started a boycott which led to…and a boycott by the Christians, etc…

or whatever is happening. Now, people are going with computer companies, not based on how good they are, but their politics? What are Google’s politics? What are these other companies’ politics? Are you sure they are better?

This is crossing the line.

What a world! We’re boycott happy!

Further, if you are going to make these decisions to boycott, anyway, why not make sure you get from legitimate sources, because during times like these, rumors also tend to get pretty wild, and it gets harder and harder to separate fact from fiction.

Sometimes having moral courage isn’t easy.

Sometimes being bigoted isn’t easy.

I think in all honesty it’s a bit rich for us in Western society, as we let it all go to hell in a handcart, to get terribly angry at a business that writes code for being bullied by the same people, or legitimately acceding to commercial pressure, or not caring about it very much.

Commercial attrition affects real people (usually not the decision makers in question) and their families and I am not convinced a bunch of computer nerds should be the object of our efforts after we have failed to hold everything else.

Apart from anything else, just because the new fighters for Western Society’s Highest Moral Principle are keen on victimizing people, losing them their jobs and taking food from their children’s mouths, it does not mean we should.

On the other hand they are a commercial venture and that pressure can be legitimately applied by anyone who wants to do so, so have at it if you are comfortable with the consequences, I guess.

Given that Google (publisher of Chrome) is also very much pro-gay, as are the other technology companies (like Apple and Microsoft), I would suggest that anyone who objects to using a particular bit of software simply on the basis of its publishers’ stated equality policies should probably just leave the internet completely as I don’t think there’s anything available to them that would satisfy their concerns.

Personally I find the ‘boycott of the boycott’ ridiculous.

Said the bigot.:frowning:

I changed to Google Chrome but it is evil. It wouldn’t let me do anything until I clicked on a tune up box which was secretly a Microsoft trap that led me into a vicious circle of trying to exit it as it demanded that I signed up and paid for something I do not want. The box appears every time, blocking any set up of bookmarks etc.

Google Chrome is being uninstalled, and God-willing it has left no infections on my computer. Staying with Firefox means no access to Catholic memes and given that a high proportion of them are more anti- Catholic, is not something I will miss.

That’s not because of Chrome, I think you clicked on a dubious link and gave yourself a virus.

Yep you have a infection on your PC - need to run a malware scanner or a antivirus scan.

No one is trying to destroy Firefox but to send a message. Google Chrome is just as evil.

I switched to Opera but its main search is Google so I switch to another search engine. Even so the new search engine - DuckDuckGo is using Bing(Bill Gates). Someone mentioned Palemoon so I am also looking at that browser. Each of these browser is connected to these main companies so I am not sure how much this affects anything but it makes me feel better.

Here is where you can view the comments being made to Mozilla(53,000) but they are really not interested in what the public is saying to them

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