Please create an "underline" button and an "indent" function and button


Hello Catholic Answers Forums.

You folks wanted feedback to improve the CAF experience (so here is my 2 cents).

Please create an “underline” button and an “indent” function and “indent” button.

Thanks for all your great work!

God bless.



Rather than underlining, use the bold or italic buttons. Underlining was really a substitute for italicization on typewriters and in handwritten text.

 And if you want to indent, just type five spaces.



Agree, since this is a “boxed” format. They can’t add or delete that much from the program. Most of the changeable stuff is permissions and the like.
The bold feature really is not terribly visible though. I do miss an underline and also a centering option.
First world problems, :rofl:


You can underline if you just type [u]This text is underlined[/u].

This text is underlined

To indent, just use the block quote.

This text is somewhat indented

You can even block quote within a block quote by adding > symbol.

This text is somewhat indented

This text is even more indented


Thanks to you Joe, I can underline. Good work.

(Now if they would just simplify it with a button function, it would be very appreciated by me.)

You can even block quote within a block quote by adding > symbol.

Great to know concerning indenting Joe.

Once again many thanks.


The means to underline text already exists. In practice though, the underlining of text isn’t often required.


this underlines the problem


How about increasing the type size? How is that done?

The “H” or “heading” button helps

, but limits you to the “H” default size only.


Joe, how do I make my text flash in alternating neon colors to add emphasis?


I don’t think I can help with that one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Before you start typing a reply, you see this filler text:

That “Markdown, BBCode, or HTML” all refer to computer “languages” that are used by the Discourse forum. The forum doesn’t recognize everything, but it does recognize far more than the toolbar offers.

I made a post about it:

There are LOTS of weird FUN! things you can do.


I think Big Text is a bit bigger than

Heading text

Just type <big>Big Text</big>.


Oh noes!!! LOL I can’t stand those posters who make everything HUGE. It’s like screaming! LOOK AT ME!!! :weary::roll_eyes::smile:


Underlining is bad practice on websites as typically underlining is used for links. As mentioned italics is a good choice for drawing attention or emphasizing text.


I think you meant LOOK AT ME!!! :smile:


Right. I think that’s why it’s not a default button on the toolbar. Ctrl+u doesn’t work for me either (whereas Ctrl+b still works for bold and Ctrl+i still works for italics).


stop it. I notice you already, mostly because you’re adorbs. :rofl:


A problem with letting people do a lot with the text is that many people tend to overdo it. So folks will make text bold, red, underlined, and large. Less is often more. I prefer it when people can’t do too much to the text.


Did someone say indent?

      It's indenting, but this code must be designed for something else. I'm not sure what. I noticed side effects, like it doesn't process new lines

      until you use two at once.
      Then subsequent new lines
      seem to work.

Click this arrow to see the code.

Whoops! I just managed to look it up. That code means unordered list. It indents because it is a list, but it does have side effects.


:monkey::monkey::monkey:HI CLARE!:elephant::elephant::elephant:


Regarding large type . . . .


Oh noes!!! LOL I can’t stand those posters who make everything HUGE. It’s like screaming! LOOK AT ME!!!

I understand what you are saying here pianistclare. (But I asked the question NOT for a type that says “look at me” but for a . . .)

I was thinking in terms of reproducing a News header (for the news forum headline post. I have always done that–tried to reproduce what you might read at the actual website).

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