Please critique my works


Hello there,
I would please like you to check out some of my Apologetics works and give your critiques. Thanks a lot.

(1) An article entitled:
To bow or not to bow that is the question: A response to critics of Catholic worship.

(2) An article entitled:
Preserving the priceless precious private parts: A response to immodest dressing.

(3) An Apologetics Reference guide.

Your brother in Africa,


Delali, these are very good. :thumbsup: Also, the manner in which you’ve created the site has made the articles very easy to read.

Your sister in North Carolina, :slight_smile:


I personally found them a little difficult to follow. I think a little basic composition would help the reader.

From a critical point of view, it would be comforting to know what your sources are in relationship to the RCC. Maybe quote CC #s. If you are making a hypothesis , so state in your opening paragraph. Build your case with evidence, then use your conclusion to back it up.

Theologically, 2 has a slant I have never heard, about the leaves verses the animal skin. I have always heard that the killing of the animal was a precursor to the perfect sacrifice of Jesus and that is what “covers”. I think to read the concept of the the leaves being inadequate seems a stretch.

Finally, thank you for your devotion to the RCC and her outreach. :thumbsup:


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