PLEASE debunk this card trick...It's occultic testimony if I ever saw it


I understand I’ve written an entire post about this encounter before, but even with the passage of time this event – this occultic, *freakish *event – still haunts my memory. After the first thread I made about this, I sort of resolved myself to think of the magic trick as a devilish deed performed by occultic powers. Now with the passage of time, I am no longer content with such an answer. Instead, I want a rational explanation…

Keep in mind though: this is actually the *last *place I’ve come to for an answer to this question, but the only card trick explanations on the internet are for silly little parlor games. THE FOLLOWING ONE I SAW WAS GENUINELY FREAKY!

*Before the trick could be performed, I had the girl give me the deck of cards so I could inspect them. Ever the skeptic, I ruthlessly analyzed the deck until I was 152% certain it was normal, yet in my determination to make this thing fail, I shuffled and reshuffled (and then later as I was picking cards I picked and re-picked, too) until I was certain the deck was thoroughly messed with. Satisfied, I let the girl begin.

She at once asked for some paper, wrote the name of a card on the back of it, and set this aside, face down, so that I could see the paper itself but not the card name. Having done this, it was only then that I selected a card (and then reselected and changed cards for about half a minute: after all, I wanted to be absolutely sure I wasn’t being suckerpunched). Sure enough, I looked at my card and then finally looked at the paper and waddaya-know…*


But keep in mind, it’s extremely unsettling and I’d prefer a rational explanation to an occult lecture 10 to 1.

Thank You.


Sounds like a card trick to me!


Since none of us were present, we cannot really say with certainty what type of trick this was.

There are many such “pick a card” type tricks.

I’m not sure I understand the preoccupation with the trick.


It’s legitimate magic all right, a legitimate magic card trick. You can probably buy it at a legitimate magic store. Just keep in mind, magicians pledge not to reveal their secrets.

In my younger days, I used to pull cigaretts out of thin air (not PC anymore), make a glass of wine disappear (without drinking it!), and make coins disappear and reappear right under peoples’ noses. They were mystifed even while trying to figure it out from inches away!


If it were not a purely naturally explainable trick, then she probably just has some minor precognitive abilities. We all have’em, to different degrees. I wouldn’t worry about it, unless you’re thinking of marrying this woman.:smiley:


Is this a joke?


Was it the three of clubs?


I guess you aren’t the first nor the last to fall for the old card trick. Tricks are tricks. They have just got a little more sophisticated…or ‘freaky’ as you call it. I have watched that street magician on TV a few times and he comes up with some good ones; forget his name; he’s the one that freezes himself in giant ice cubes and such.



This appears to be an exaggeration. The highest certainty that one can have in probability theory is 100%. It is not possible to have 152% certainty. The probability of an event happening is always a number between 0 and 100%.


This is not possible, if you are dealing with a professional magician.


I know one card trick.

You have the subject pick a card and bury it back into the deck.

You shuffle the deck three times, cut it twice, and choose the top card out of any cut (or bottom, if you’d rather).

Ask the subject what card he picked.

Whatever he says, you reply “Wrong! You picked the Jack of Spades (or whatever the card YOU picked is).”

Of course, in the one chance in 52 you picked the same card, you can amaze your friends and yourself.




If the young lady could do actual magic she would have picked the lottery numbers and retired by now. No, she is just a very clever magician. Enjoy the trick and her skill but don’t get caught up in proving or disproving the occult through a simple magician illusion.

How did she do this? I have no idea but that is part of the fun of magic tricks.


At any magic shop you can buy a deck of cards that are “marked.” To the average person, the pattern on the back looks just like any other deck of cards, but there is a very small subtle dot in the design, the location of which shows what the card’s index is (2,3,4,J,K,etc.) and another dot that will be in one of four locations identifying the suit. With practice, you can get very good at recognizing which card is which just by glancing at the back. Also, the decks may consist of cards that are ever so slightly different in size, making it possible for an experienced magician to easily stack the deck, or if they allow an observer to shuffle, they can very quickly figure out where key cards are just by touch.

I have seen tricks like the one you’ve described. She writes down a card, and messes with your mind, allowing you to repick, etc., until you have picked the one she wrote down. It’s all in the performance and in making you think you are in control.

Most experienced magicians who do card tricks and have a marked deck could do similar tricks. There’s nothing supernatural about it.

Most magicians won’t reveal their secrets, but all of this you could learn by visiting a magic shop, reading books on card tricks, etc.


My thoughts exactly. It’s called a “magic trick” for a reason. LOL


<< Sure enough, I looked at my card and then finally looked at the paper and waddaya-know… >>

Either (1) marked deck, or (2) wrote the card down AFTER seeing the card. Between “looked at my card” and “looked at the paper” was there a time when she picked the paper up?

David Blaine did a similar trick where you could see he had enough time (perhaps 2 or 3 seconds) to write the correct number down on the back of a piece of paper with a tiny writing implement (maybe a piece of pencil lead) hidden between his fingers. You have to manipulate the tiny writing thing for a few seconds behind the paper just as you show them the paper.

There is a video of Blaine doing this in one of those “street magic” specials. Either YouTube or Google Video, but its one where if I remember he asks people to think of a 3 or 4 digit number, and Blaine pretends to write it down at the time they think of the number. However, just before he shows them the paper, they say the number, and THEN he writes down the CORRECT number secretly on another piece of paper hidden behind the first piece. At least that’s how I think he does it. You can see him manipulating the tiny writing thing just before he shows the paper.

Phil P


This is the street magician I was thinking of…thanx.


I can do a card trick where you randomly pick a number between 1 and 10. I then produce a regular deck of cards and show them to you. I shuffle the cards, then demonstrate what I want you to do. I use your number (let’s say it’s 7) and count down seven cards from the top. “That’s how I want you to pick your card,” I say.

I then replace the cards on top of the deck, and you count down seven cards. You look at your card, show it to everyone except me, and replace it in the deck. The cards are then shuffled again.

I place the deck on top of a book, say, “Abracadabra!” and when you open the book, your card is inside.

Of course it’s just a trick.


Think of a card in your mind…

concentrate on it…

I will predict what it is:

highlight below this for my prediction :eek:

9 of diamonds?
or Ace of spades?


It’s a card “trick”. What is there to debunk?

You can only see what you are paying attention to… the trick is getting you to pay attention to something (like your card), while the magician does something “magical” to the paper… or makes you pay attention to the paper while the magician preps the card.

Human perception is predictable and imperfect. We don’t always notice slight movements, and we can’t see hidden movements. Any trick is designed to exploit this.

It’s why you hold fast to the truth when you find it… “They are selling you entertainment in the guise of reality”. …or you’ll be believing that aliens exist and that “ghosts” can be filmed on a videocamera.

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