Please don't sin


You have no idea how horrible sin truly is. How much it offends God. How bitterly the Lord suffered and died for each one of us. How much He is deserving of our consolations, love, and honor.

For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, please don’t sin.


Oh but we do. We really do.


Thanks for the post. It is true that I have little idea how horrible sin truly is - I think through the grace of God, I could know more about how sins offend Him and will be able to love Him more. I am honestly asking you to please keep me in your prayer, I will be very thankful to you and do the same.


Oh Lord, grant each of us… the grace to see our souls as You see them. As they truly are. So that, faced with the horrible reality of sin… we may return, fully, to You. Amen. :gopray2:


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