Please for my dog, buster

I am asking for prayers for my 13 yr old mix breed dog, Buster. He is a former rescue dog and is one of the sweetest dogs you would ever meet. I was told last night he is in kidney failure and it doesn’t look good. Vet said she would recommend putting him down, but I feel like I have to give him a chance. He will be at clinic till Saturday or Sunday and we’ll go from there. If the enzymes in blood are going down, that’s good. I know it is just a matter of time, but I’m not ready to let him go just yet.

Thank you, I know that God will hold him in the palm of His hand.

Jesus, please be with Buster and his loving owner in their time of need. Please heal Buster this weekend, and cure him from his kidney disease. Please bless Buster and his owner. Queen of the Holy Rosary, St. Francis, St. Anthony, and St. Roch pray for Buster.

Mother Mary, please help Saintalphonsus to be 100% abandoned to Our Lord’s merciful love/holy will. Ask Our Lord to heal Buster if it would be for Our Lord’s glory and honor. Amen.

We’ve had to put down our beloved cats over the years and it never gets any easier no matter how long we had them in our lives. Each of the dogs/cats we love are special, I know. The hardest thing is deciding what is best for your pet. Would he be suffering or not is the question, isn’t it? I will remember you and Buster in my Evening Prayer this evening, and ask our Blessed Mother Mary and the Saints to watch over you both. God bless you. :console:

Just said a prayer for him… ((hugs))

ditto :slight_smile:

Buster in our prayers.
Keep us informed.

BTW, for pet lovers:

+1 prayer :slight_smile:

Prayin’ for Buster.

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