Please give me your advice and pray for me


Hello All, Godbless! I am Single male 35 years old and I am at the lowest point in my entire life. I have been praying since I was 21 for the Lord to send me a Moral Catholic mate to be my wife and here I am 35 and I am still single and un-married. I have prayed and discerned for years. I have a very strong need and feeling to be with and in a relationship but can’t understand why God has not sent her my way.I have strong Morals and ethics. I have a great relationship with Jesus. I have a good Career. I am stable. I am at a total loss to understand why God won’t answer me or help me. I am at rock bottom…I am so lonely.

What should I do?

Please pray for me!


I’ve learned a lot of times that whenever I lack peace and contentment in my life it’s always because i have been following the wrong and false standard. Satisfying myself without considering God’s approval all the more created confusion and made my heart weak. Judging things according to my disadvantage and advantage , likes and dislikes added more to the delay of God’s perfect answer to my prayers.

There is a perfect time for everything and I know for sure that your request is a work in progress. Never stop praying for God to grant you the light to understand his holy standard in your life. Trust God . God bless!


We give You thanks, Lord our God, for raising us from our bed and for putting words of praise into our mouths, that we may worship and invoke Your holy Name. We are in need of Your mercies, which You have always provided for our life. Now, too, send forth Your help to catholicjeff07 who stands in you presence, waiting for Your rich mercy. Grant that he may worship You always with awe and love; praising, singing, and glorifying Your inexpressible goodness. For to You belong all glory, honor, and worship to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and to the ages of ages.


We will keep you in our prayers. I am 31 and I know how hard it is to find “young” practicing Catholics. Sometimes I begin to think the only place they exist is here at CAF! I try to remind myself that the person God has in mind for me must be really special if it is taking this long for us to meet. Other times I wonder if I am meant to be single despite feeling called to marriage. Either way, the Lord has blessed me tremendously and I try to remember that every day.

When you start to feel down, pray for not only yourself, but for others. Try praying for the sick of your parish, or for those posting special intentions here at CAF. Praying for others is one of the best ways to cure the blues. The rosary is a particularly powerful prayer. When you feel lonely, remember how Jesus must have felt when all of his friends deserted him before he died. You aren`t alone.

Hang in there and keep on praying!




Iv been praying for a partner for 5 yrs, but im still young. I felt really sad reading that, i really hope u find one, you sound like a good man.


Yip, you really sound like a good guy:thumbsup:

sometimes the answer is there, right in front of us, we are just not wanting or willing to see it.
Maybe just ease up and allow yourself to accept whatever comes your way. Maybe things will become clearer for you.:slight_smile:
I pray that they do.

Nowadays its just so difficult to meet up with good guys. :wink:

hang in there and it will be revealed to you in HIS time :confused:

Will continue to pray for you …:thumbsup:
God Bless


**I really think you should have asked for prayer here and then asked for advise in the Family forum. **
**May sound silly… I think you should list yourself in the paper… Most news papers have a great singles section. Put Catholic first!! You sound like a real prize. **
***Don’t feel that God isn’t answering… He always answers… we just often fail to listen…

I’ll be praying for you now!!***


May the Lord open your eyes and heart to His Will and there establish you in Peace.
Have you considered that God may be calling you to another state in life other than marriage? You could be fixated on your own desire and not ‘hearing’ what God wants. Or it could simply be that the time is “not yet” in God’s Will, while your own will wants “now”. I am sure a talk with a priest may help…
Loneliness I know is tremendously hard to bear and a great trial…
Will keep you in daily prayer


praying for your relief from loneliness


Oh gosh, do i hear you loud and clear on this one!!!
Im a practicing catholic through and through, and im bordering on turning 35 this month :hypno:
Im single, and at times i get lonely. But i usually say prayers and that helps me through. I also have a great network of friends who share and practice in the same faith as i do.
Its very hard at times, i sometimes think why have i not found that special person etc, but then i think of all the wonderful things I have in my life, and there are reasons God wants me to be single, and i accept that.
For me now, ive got renewed strength in my life, im going back to uni next year (God willing) and will be studying dentistry, so i wont have time to be lonely! lol
I will add you to my prayers, and i really hope you find that special catholic girl to share your life with.
God Bless you and may your one true desire come true.


Praying for you…


Hang in there! My oldest son went through the same thing and didn’t marry until he was 35. He now has a wife and two terrific kids that he loves and they love him dearly.

My youngest son, 42, still is looking. He’s resigned himself to remaining single rather than just marry to get married. He’s had many girlfriends over the years but none was the right one for him.

Will pray for you and ask others to pray for all single people seeking desirable mates.



Hi Jeff,

I also recommend volunteering. It is good because it takes your mind off feeling lonely and helps other people out.

Just remember you are not alone in your search for the right Catholic spouse. There are lots of people in the same boat!






Have you tried the Catholic singles web sites? I dont know much about them, but I’m sure lots of people have met wonderful people on there. There’s a few of them…I think.
God’s blessings on you in your search.
Will pray for you, and also for you Maria1212… hope you find Mr. Wonderful too.


Jeff, you have my heart felt prayers in your longing for a mate you can share your life with. You sound like a wonderful young man. It’s possible that you might be called to help a young women become a better moral Catholic as yourself. I would keep your mind and heart open for the possibility that you might meet a nice girl but she doesn’t fit your ideal at first. With your love and hers for you, it maybe the thing she needed to become a better Catholic.

You have my continued prayers and keep us updated my friend :gopray:


Thanks for your prayers Jules. I realize I might always be single but if God sends Mr. Right my way, I won`t turn him away!




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