Please give me your advice. Would I be committing a sin if I don't attend mass today given these circumstances

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I like going to mass, and as a matter of fact I also go to mass during weekdays. For instance yesterday in the morning I attended mass. Unfortunately, I suffer from social anxiety, because of this issue I avoid attending mass on Sundays, I always go on Saturdays at 5:30 pm given that such mass tends to be quiet… the problem is that yesterday I couldn’t attend mass at 5:30 I was busy doing stuff and I kept telling myself “tomorrow I will attend mass” but now it’s Sunday and the thought of attending an overcrowded mass scares me.

What should I do? if I don’t attend mass today will I be committing a sin? will this keep me from receiving Holy Communion during this upcoming weekdays’ masses?

Thank you

Hello, howareyou1!

Someone else posted a glib answer on another topic. It works for me:

“When in doubt, confess it out.”

I’ve had situations like that where I was ambivalent about going to Sunday Mass for a legitimate reason. As soon as I could, I went to confession before I received holy Communion. The confessor would set me straight as to culpability. My soul would be lighter and peace would return to my heart.

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You should attend Mass if at all possible. We don’t know how severe or disabling your anxiety problem is so we cannot tell you if it is a sin if you miss Mass. This would be something to discuss with your pastor or confessor.

If you can get there, I would suggest you go and try to focus on Christ during the Mass. If your social anxiety starts to get to be too much, go outside. (As a mother, I have spent lots of time outside Mass!)

I am assuming, given your question, that your SA is not so bad as to cause you to have serious problems, like a lingering effect or causing a disruption at Mass like fainting. Having to leave–well, that’s not your decision.

If you live somewhere that has Sunday evening Masses, you might find them less crowded.

If you live near a college that has a Catholic chapel attached, there’s usually less people around in the summer, so you might be more comfortable.

Well, I’ve got SA as well…and a bad case of atheism at home which forbids me to attend mass.

Now, I’ve discussed that with a priest a few years ago and he recommended me to use Suzane Umlor’s book of the spiritual Mass. You can find it on the TwoHearts network freebie pages.

If you can’t find it, PM me and I’ll try to find a way to send it to you :slight_smile:

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