Please Go To Youtube And Flag This User Now

Go to this link:

Below the video box there are four options.

Click on “Flag”

Choose the reason and press “Flag this video”

This boy has posted many sinful actions of desecrating the Eucharist. If you have some time, flag all of his video.

If anyone knows how to report this person, please let us know so we can help.

That’s terrible what that guys doing. I went there and flagged the video. Hopefully youtube will get a clue and put a stop to that stuff. It would be nice if someone new who that guy was. Then maybe he could get some help.

It only lets you flag Youtube videos if you have an account, and I already deleted mine the other day to boycott Youtube because of this user. :frowning:

One other thing you can do to help is sign this petition for Youtube to remove the videos and ban the user.

Please check out and protest You Tube’s attack on Catholicism.
Thank you,

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