Please guide me towards chastity


I want to experience Jesus. I have a hard time controlling temptations and end up doing sin against purity (masturbation). After confession, I get a strength to resist this temptation but after a period strong impure thoughts come to my mind. I end up doing sin against purity and then feels guilty. Again I go to confessional. Please help me. Guide me.


Fill up your schedule with volunteering, go out for a run whenever you feel the desire to sin. Try new things, but above all, pray for the temptation to leave. Basically, fill up your schedule with so many things, you have no time to masturbate.


How’s your prayer life? How’s your relationship with Jesus and Mary?


To be honest, my prayer life is not consistent. Sometimes I get a strong feeling of faith but it fades away slowly and sinful desires overtake. I really want to build a strong relationship with Jesus and Mary but I am not able to be consistent. I feel week and often succumb to sins.


I hear you brother. From experience I can tell you building a strong relationship with our Lord definitely helps and a healthy relationship with our Lady encourages greater respect for women.

I would suggest you plan a realistic schedule of a daily prayer life and stick to it. Make sure your prayers contain a lot of listening e.g. read a passage from the bible and meditate on how you could incorporate it in your life.

P.S. don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Picture yourself giving Jesus a big a hug!


I don’t know to what extent this will help but I’ll throw it out there.

I think a lot of the struggles with this purity type stuff stems from a belief that you will NEVER be free. Society and the Devil feeds us this lie constantly. It’s natural after all, how can you fight your nature! Everyone does it!

Wrong. You’re a child of God and God’s children don’t do that. This has become my number one weapon against impurity. It’s also just good psychology. Don’t see yourself as someone struggling to achieve break a sin pattern, see yourself as someone who has already over come it.

That in mind, when I’m going through a time of temptation I think “no that’s not who you are, you don’t do [x sin].” I think that sentence many times or even say it out loud. This little psychological trick lead me to a real recognition of who I am in Christ and changed my life. Seriously. (And I’m largely well passed those sin patterns being patterns for about 3 years, so I’m convinced it’s a long term solution)

I hope it helps you as well.


Where did it come from? Maybe you are feeling lonely deep inside yourself. Its well hidden and you wont discover it at once. Or you want to have control? To feel strong?


Bad habits are overcome by good habits. Develop a habit of praying and reading/meditating on Scripture and spiritually edifying books.


It helps when you try to push the impure thoughts by thinking of something else instead and the faster you do so the better. A constant devotion to Mary will help along with frequent reception of the sacraments.


I know the struggle. I deal with the thoughts rather than the actions now but I do know the consequences of those actions. Keep going to Confession, find time to spend in Adoration if you find that helps, and of course, pray!
I have found it helpful to pray to St. Catherine of Bologna and St. Catherine of Siena for their intercession to God regarding temptation.
Ask Mary (especially if you have a favorite title of her’s) to pray for you, frequently think of Christ throughout the day and say, “Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything!”
Pray the “O Blood and Water” prayer from the Divine Mercy apparitions too!
Invoke the Holy Spirite and the Name of Jesus to fight off temptation.
If you are properly disposed, receive Communion and ask that through that, you will be given strength. If you’re able to go to daily Mass, do so even if you can’t or don’t receive the Eucharist.
Ask your patron saint to pray for you and find other saints who you relate to and ask for their prayers and follow their examples too.
Another idea is to get rid of things in your life that lead to these impure thoughts and then actions if there are any. Block websites if that be it, throw out magazines, get rid of bad books or movies, etc. Fill your time with hobbies, read books about saints and the Life of Christ, perform acts of mercy by volunteering or getting out in your community, and never forget to praise the Lord even when it’s hard!
Perhaps also get a Green Scapular, get it blessed by a priest, and wear it. I have a Saint Michael medal and a Miraculous Medal on mine too.
Also, pray to your Guardian Angel and St. Michael for their help!
At the first moment you seem to feel an urge or a thought, ask the Lord to take it away and help you to bear your Cross. Pray the Rosary, pray even a few Hail Mary’s to get your mind off of it and if it helps, get up and do something to get you away from wherever the temptation started!
You could probabaly add yourself to a prayer intention book or list (or prayer line) at your parish if they have one. I’m not sure if they have rules that only those who are sick at home or in the hospital can be put in there but you can check. Just ask if it’s okay because you’re struggling with some personal things.
All is possible through the Lord even when it seems like it isn’t. The Devil will try to get you to think it’s impossible or he’ll try and get you to doubt its wrong. God knows this and He wants you to come to Him with your pain and cross and ask Him for the grace to fight sin.
I know this is a lot but I’ll be praying for you! You don’t have to do all of this, find what works for you!!



I’ve had that struggle for many years. It won’t abate with will power as it’s a part of our human makeup. Don’t despair because you’ll be alright. For me, I’d do it out of boredom or for relief from anxiety. It would help for a little while, until I’d begin to feel ashamed and upset.

Just remember that you’re only human. Don’t beat yourself up. God loves you and will guide you through thia situation. Trust Him! Wish you well!


Thanks a lot for all the time you have spent for me. After reading through I feel so motivated inside. I get a strong feeling that I can overcome. I dont know if the Green Scapular is available here in UAE, else I am getting one from my home country. Thanks once again.


Remembering you in mass ,and all those who are trying to overcome .God bless.


Your prayer life has to be every day. You should have a regular schedule of prayer every day.


Reading ‘If You Really Loved Me’ by Jason Evert helped me a lot when I struggled with temptations many years ago.


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I have read that the rosary has helped many in this regard. I will include you in my daily rosary tomorrow.

God loves you. :blue_heart:


Did I see that you live in UAE? Does that mean that you are able to go to mass?


Yes I live in UAE. Going to mass is not a problem here. There are daily masses.


That would be my advice go to at least a weekly mass

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