Please help before I go crazy

I just dont know what to do! I have a 13 month old daughter and she will not sleep any more! She used to sleep 11 - 12 hours a noght and now for the last week she will not sleep more than a few hours at a time. I just dont know what is going on!:confused: I am at my whits end here. I also have a 2 1/2 year old who luckily sleeps all night through this. To top it off my DH is on a business trip till Thursday!:eek: So I’m all alone in this. Nothing has really changed she is starting to teeth again and the back ones will come in next and she had had a slight cold over the last week. I did give her Tylenol tonight hoping that will work not likely since she just started to cry again for the 3rd time tonight. The only change to her bed is we took the bumper off because she kept pulling it down( back of bed is solid so I cant tie it down) so I just put it back thinking that will work NOT. Please help!! I’m going to loose it here very soon!

First of all, I :slight_smile: think you need this: :console: !

I have no wise advice to offer, just love & prayers for you & your little ones…You must be totally frazzled about now.
:byzsoc: :gopray2: :gopray2: :crossrc:

Bless you at this very frustrating time. Being sleep deprived is enough to make anyone desperate. You are in my thoughts & prayers…

Mine as well. I’m not a mom, so I don’t know what to tell you! Have you tried googling “helping baby sleep” or something? Boy do I feel bad for you!

Hey, I’m up because I’m an older Mom in the throws of menopause which comes with sleep difficulties at times. So every stage of life can wear you out. Uplifting, huh? Seriously though, you mentioned she has had a bit of a cold. Have you thought she might have an ear ache? If there’s fluid built up in the ears, it can hurt after lying down for a little while. This is not medical advice, just a friendly reminder to a very tired mother that it could be something a doctor needs to check out. I’ll pray for you while I’m up tonight! God bless you and I hope you get some rest! Theresa

This sounds weird, but did she just learn how to do something? Sometimes babies wake themselves up to practice a new skill that they’ve acquired and don’t think about getting back to sleep.

Other than that, there’s a growth spurt that comes around that time that could explain the sleeplessness. Or the teething that you mentioned. Talk to your pediatrician about giving a dose of tylenol before bed. That will be able to help with the teething pain and maybe let her sleep. Hopefully that will help!

I vote for teething. :smiley: Especially if we’re talking about molars, which seems likely.

My DD (20 months old) is a horrible teether. Molars and eye teeth are particularly bothersome for her. When she starts waking up 3-5 times per night to nurse, I know I’ll see a new tooth in the coming weeks. And if they come in pairs, holy cow, my poor baby is in so much pain. It also seems to happen mostly at night, because she’s too busy playing during the day to notice (and she eats frequently, which helps massage her little gums).

Sometimes, Baby Tylenol helps before bed; sometimes, Baby Orajel helps; most of the time, nursing is the only solution for her. Ask your doctor if a one-time double dose of Infant’s Tylenol would be okay every night (she may be able to sleep a little longer).

Thanks everyone! The prayers last night must have worked because she did sleep from midnight till 6am!!! It has to be teething. I do think that I saw the beginning of a tooth that is going to pop out very soon. Hope that she will start to sleep again till the next one comes.

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