Please help! Headed to Rome with Fudamentalist friends and need a answer about Peter being in Rome!


My wife and I who are catholic and are headed to Rome with two fundamentalist friends in February. Now with that said, they have on several occassions said that Peter was never in Rome and we have always believed that he has. They said no where in the bible does it mention that Peter was in in Rome and to say that we as catholics don’t subscribe to sola scriptura and that we believe in scripture, magisterial teaching and sacred tradition, that will not be a good answer to them. Can you please tell me how to answer them other than we don’t believe in the bible only theory?

Thank you!




If you are going to Rome, I would strongly encourage you to go on the Scavi Tour to the Vatican Necropolis. I visited this in 2005 and it was awesome and very humbling at the same time.

You have to make reservations, since there is a limit to the number of people who can visit per day. Don’t miss this opportunity.


I second the Scavi Tour. Can’t argue with his bones, right there in front of you.

Get reservations through the Vatican website. Secure your reservation early, there are only 100 or 200 people a day allowed on the tour, and reservations fill up so do it well in advance.


I also suggest the Scavi tour though I doubt it will convince them since the tour is not in the King James Bible… :smiley:

Still, I pray they would open their mind to the fullness of the Word of God, not just in Scripture but in Tradition as well…


The Bible never mentioned that there were pyramids in Egypt either. Will they deny that too?


“She who is at Babylon, who is likewise chosen, sends you greetings…”–1 Peter 5:13

Saint Peter writes from “Babylon,” a less-than-fond nickname for Rome, in his first Epistle. What’s more, it’s important to note that, almost as far back as one can go, there was a general consensus that Saint Peter was, in fact closely tied to the Roman city–as Bishop, many clarify. The Eastern Orthodox Churches, whose origins are no less ancient than the Catholic Church, accept this, as well.

The important thing is not to spend such a great trip bickering over religion. If they insist on trying to convert you throughout the trip, say a Hail Mary, breathe deeply, and say, “I’ll leave you some time to think up some more arguments. In the meantime, I’m going to see Saint Peter’s bones.” lol Just kidding! Really, don’t let it get to you. Be the stronger, the more mature, one. You know what you believe–it isn’t your job to have to justify every minute detail of your faith to anyone, let alone someone who is decidedly close-minded as it is. Live it. Remain composed and cool. They won’t know what to do.

Peace, and I hope you have a GREAT trip!


Exactly. You beat me to it.

As an added measure, tparsons, I recommend not making this argument until you’ve boarded the plane, so they can’t go running back to ask their pastor for a rebuttal. Let them wait until the trip ends before finding a response – you deserve to enjoy this trip without their heckling.


Double-edged suggestion though, wouldn’t you say?

For him to offer up that verse “at Babylon”, they would then make the connection that the Catholic Church would be the “whore of Babylon”.


Monkey Friend say Peter in Rome. Monkey friend sees Bananna Tree with pictures. Shows Peter and Paul dead. Eusebius say the same. He from fourth century, but not a monkey.


No, because no fundamentalist would agree that the Catholic Church existed at the time Peter wrote his first epistle. They all think the Catholic Church started centuries later. By their own terms, Peter couldn’t have been talking about Catholic Rome.

Besides, Rev. 18:20 identifies the Whore of Babylon as the entity which killed the “apostles,” which was the pagan Roman Empire. It fits perfectly.


Would your friends give any credence to the Church Fathers? Irenaeus, one of the earliest and most reliable of the Fathers, says this:

The blessed Apostles [Peter and Paul], having founded and built up the Church [of Rome], they handed over the office of the episcopate to Linus. Paul makes mention of this Linus in the Epistle to Timothy. To him succeeded Anecletus; and after him, in the third place from the Apostles, Clement was chosen for the episcopate. He had seen the blessed Apostles and was acquainted with them.

Irenaeus,* Against Heresies *(inter A.D. 180-199).


Wait, a formicator calling Catholics pagans!


The tomb of Peter is under the main altar of St. Peter’s Basilica. I recommend that while your in Rome to visit the catacombs. When I saw the catacombs, that blew away any remaining fundamentalist thoughts that were still lingering from many years before.

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