Please help, I'm screaming


I want to know why I live the way I do!!! Can’t get enough food, pay too much rent, NO HELP, NO HELP. Live out in a rural area where there is no help. AND FAMILY WON’T HELP. I live in pain so horrible, I scream and cry. The only help I get is when the Doctor gives me Ibuprofen. Like taking water. I’m disabled on an income that doesn’t PAY for everything. I don’t have TV, a land phone, barely have the internet and it’s cutting off soon. I had the internet for four mos but prior to that, I didn’t have it for eight months. NO ST. PAUL SOCIETY, NO PANTRIES THAT will help me. I can’t walk to the nearest one. No neighbors, no vehicle, can’t afford one. I don’t buy clothes, I don’t buy shoes and more. I have family members that have a lot of money, but, they don’t help me. Not even my Mother. She’ll help my little brother who works and nothing wrong with him. But, not me.

I’ve prayed and prayed and also thanked God for the blessings I do have but still, I suffer!! I have cats and there is a woman that buys cat food for them, praise God for that. But, my favorite cats either got sick and died and now I have a cat that has a Cat mouth infection and can’t take her to the VET for treatment. No money. NO FREE CLINICS AND NO PAYMENT PLANS CLINICS. She is only 4 years old. I don’t want her to die! The cats are my furbabies, friends and help with my acute loneliness but they are dying off. The grief is too great when I lose one!

I can’t see my Father because of a woman marrying him for his money and legal WON’T HELP US. We’ve done all we can do without money!! Please don’t suggest, I’ve done it all! IT’S going on 6 years now. None of my Daddy’s family can see him.

Am I being punished? I don’t get mad at God or Jesus. I don’t blame them. I know it’s the way of the world and economics. But, I’m so, so tired of living like this. Why am I? I just cry, scream and yell all the time and think perhaps I’m being punished. Seven years of this agony and stress!!

I’m not in the mood for Christmas. No money. Not even putting a tree up. But I love the fact that it’s going to be Jesus’s birthday. Sounds contradictory.

Is asking if I’m being punished, getting angry at God?? I always thought I was railing at the situations.

I hate the way I live!! I CAN’T take any more chronic anxiety and panic at all!! And I have PTSD. I don’t know where to put this. And Thank you.


I’m praying for you.


Perhaps offer up so much to be with the sufferings of the Lord crucified.

I do not know much what to do, except maybe put up a sign begging? Or if you can get to Church to ask maybe the priest about something like this. You can also email various groups.
Perhaps you can make a fundraiser on youcaring.


I do that too. Everything I go through, I offer up to team up with Jesus for the sufferings in the world, for those in purgatory, and for me. I want to help my sister who is in the same boat, but, I can’t and makes me frustrated.

Oh, I did do a fundraiser on gofundme, and they took the only 20.00 I made before I could get it and shut me down.

Thank you so much.


Yes, I hope the good done is in relation to your sufferings!

God bless and hope things turn for the better.
But if they can’t, then remember our eyes are to the Eternal things, and not this quickly passing away world.


Praying for you randirhoades.


I wish I could wave a magic wand and make things better but alas, I cannot. I will pray for you that there is relief from your suffering in some unexpected way soon. So sorry to hear you are struggling so much.

God bless.


Praying for you. Remember Jesus still loves you. You are not alone. If you can be lonely it also means you can love. Be thankful for that. Loneliness is the longing for a significant other to love. Realize that your life is not all bad. Remember all the good things you have and the relationships you have had and still have. God has not abandoned you. You are not a bad person. You are not worthless. You are not unworthy of love. You are a beautiful person created in the image and likeness of God to be in relationship with him and others. Your family may not be perfect, none usually are, but they do love you in their own imperfect way. Love them anyways with God’s grace. You will find meaning and healing in that. Jesus Christ suffered and died for us at the hands of evil men. Yet he said forgive them for they know not what they do. It’s not easy for us to become like Jesus. But I think it is what the world needs.


Praying for you,tonight and during Advent .Take care.


OP, if you live in a rural area without good social services or access to medical care, you need to make a plan to move.


Generally easier said than done. Folks on disability often can only afford to live outside of urban areas.


Tried for four years. Have no funds to move nor friends or family to help out. Actually, I’m still trying…and thank you.


Amen to that, over and beyond. I can’t afford food.


Praying for you… Cheer up. I know it’s hard for you now. But I want you to know that somebody praying for you. Don’t lose hope… be strOng.


Can you get on a waiting list for subsidized housing? I am on SSDI and have been on the list for 2 years now. I live with a roommate only way I can afford rent and I am barely making it. it’s stressful when rent takes up 65% of your income. You may want to consider sharing expenses. Do you not qualify for food stamps? If you are on disability you should. Sorry you are going through such a hard time. Will pray for you.


I’m so sorry.

As a disabled Veteran married to a disabled wife, I can feel your pain personally. Wife and I survive off $14,000 a year.

Can you get out to your State DHHS office and apply for food stamps or welfare?

Are you in public housing or section 8?



Pray very much

God Bless you



Thank you, Shane. Been like this for six years. First West Explosion pushed me back from section 8, then Houston flooding. However, I’d rather the people who lost everything be helped first.Truth

Now, I’m spending Christmas alone. Without friends, family, only me. Happened to me several times and I hate it. Isolation can cause a deep depression, depression causes stress, stress causes more pain. Vicious cycle.


Yes isOlation can cause a depression. So better fight for it. Don’t think too much. Struggles are part of our life. In the end it will make us a better person. I’m praying for you. And continue also to pray…


I’m very sorry for your situation and I will pray for you.
If you can put up a link to a website such as Gofundme that accepts PayPal I will donate something.
Sorry,only a small amount as I also have financial difficulties:frowning:

Do you know your neighbors?
Can you ask them if there’s anything they need done?
That way you might have some social companionship and not feel so lonely/isolated.

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