Please help me defend the Holy Father


I came across this so-called tribute to the Holy Father on a Web site run by a self-styled Catholic “traditionalist.” It made me so mad that I just don’t feel like I can let it slide and not defend the Pope. Here’s the link:

If anyone has any advice on what to say when I e-mail the webmistress, please tell me. Also, if anyone would like to e-mail the webmistress themselves, the address is . Her name is Pauly Fongemie.


:mad: Boy that is awful:mad:


Lots of good info at Dave Armstrong’s site:


I really don’t know where to begin on this one. On the main page, she has a link to Catholic Family News.



Why would you want to try to reason with this person? She needs prayer much more than she needs someone to try to explain her disillusion and error to her. Only through the Holy Spirit will this person ever see the error she is propagating and spreading. Bearing false witness is a grave sin and her very soul may be at risk (as may mine for saying so).

I would say prayers for this person, she seems very hate filled and sad.

However, from what I’ve seen of her postings, almost everything she said can be refuted, but seems useless to me.



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