Please help me find a new crucifix necklace


My “crucifix” necklace for the past few months has been the Franciscan Tau – also known as the “habit” of Secular Franciscans. Since I have decided not to become a Secular Franciscan, and since it seems that God is calling me to some other special purpose, I would like to invest in actual crucifix necklace. While I know that there are Catholic shops like The Catholic Company and Aquinas and More, it seems as if none of these stores sell crucifixes on pieces of rope, which what I’m looking for. Can someone help me find a crucific (wood, metal, whatever) that hangs on rope? My current Franciscan Tau uses a piece of rope, but I really don’t want to disassemble it since it has been blessed.


I have a St. Benedict crucifix. Have you thought of wearing one of those? Mine is wooden. I don’t currently hang it on rope but I believe perhaps one could if one wanted. It is extraordinarly powerful in cases of spiritual warfare. St. Benedict is essentially a patron saint of exorcists. I have found great peace from putting it on that I did not have with it off. :eek:


I do like the St. Benedict style crucifixes, but I just wonder where rope necklaces could be found? The only reason I’m lithe to part with the Franciscan Tau necklace is that it has proved to be so sturdy!


My Priest gave me a wooden Benedictine Crucifix as a gift, and its like on a piece of rope. Its thin, so I dont know what is exactly considered a rope. But its not metal or anything, it looks like thin rope.


Let me google that for you.


Would this be sort of what you’re looking for? I image googled “crucifix rope” and clicked on the picture that looked like what you’re interested in. I would recommend doing a ‘safe search’, though, as… well, very surprisingly, some not very wholesome pics (adverts for some various “toys”) were included in the ‘safe search off’ mode. :eek: :mad: :bigyikes:

Which reminds me… I now have to change my search settings.



Those are perfect, Ericka, thanks a bunch!


You are most welcome! :smiley: :slight_smile:


Hope you find one you like! If you want I can try to post a picture of mine. Just tell me if ya’ do :slight_smile: God Bless. :signofcross:


“Ep” I found this one, on a cord. Looks like a nice one for a man to wear. Hope this helps. God bless.


You may find one at this site

I saw one in the jewelry section for $17.00.


JR :slight_smile:


I just got the new catalog from Marians of the Immaculate Conception, saw this one and thought of you:

It’s not a rope, exactly … really a cord, but maybe worth a look.


I haven’t posted before and am fairly new to the forum, but I know you can get a beautiful crucifix from Lewis & Co, and also from Rocky Mountain Gems. The “rope” can be a leather cord, easily purchased from any leather store near you, or Lewis & Co has cords also.



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