Please help me find audio books or great cd books


Hi, Forum moderator, please let me post this in the appropriate
categories so I get all I need.

I’m asking for help to find good audio books - preferably free, but not necessarily and cd books on various topics.
I get a big headache reading but love my ipod.
I’m after anything base on truth that would not displease the pope including the following subjects and your recommendations. I’m interested in good sites without recommendations if you don’t have any.
any topics related to-
all theology
asceticism ( spiritual life )
moral theology
a catholic perspective on other religions
writings of the popes, early fathers and doctors or saints
great books on history written from a catholic perspective and comprehensive if possible.
anything else you like that I might.

I hope you guys will help me. I’ll check back in a few days.

God bless you all.



These aren’t exactly audio books, but there are a number of audio CD sets on lots of different apologetic topics in the Catholic Answers store.

Here are just a few of them:

Friends in High Places by Tim Staples
Everything You Need to Know About Prayer to the Saints

Bible Answers To Fundamentalist Questions by John Martignoni

The Shocking Truth About The Pope And The Church Fathers by Tim Staples
Discover what the Church Fathers say about the Papacy

God bless.


Hmm… you might be able to find some on which has a good deal of audio and books indexed… so some audio books wouldn’t be a stretch.

I know they have some audio sermons recorded there, like the sites in my sig. This is a great topic! I want to hear what people come up with.


Have you tried

They have several free or nearly free books and cds.


I have found a lot of good series and programmes at EWTN’s site.
I also recommend Audio Sancto.


There is a huge variety of things here:


You should peruse the Electronic Catholic Resources sticky thread.

Also check out the volumes of Catholic stuff over at Sonitus Sanctus.

And one of my favorite favorites are the apologetics/catechetics/conversion stories over at the Catholic Forum.

And PhilVaz’s site.

That should keep you busy for a couple years. :tiphat:


LibriVox has books that are in the public domain for free. Volunteers record them.


Yeah, I second that suggestion. You might want to check you local library as many libraries now have digital catalogues.




here’s one site that has some free audio, and right now,
The Confessions, by St Augustine is free. I have the audio book and its excellent.

You might find other resources at this sight.



try these sites.



A big thx guys. Much appreciated. If any others happen by I’m all ears. Great help thus far though.:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Hi John. Ignatius Press has some good selections. Hope you find what you’re seeking. God bless.


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