Please help me find some heavenly friends


Okay, for those of you who enjoy a challenge:

Do you know of any Saint(s) or biblical figures who were always infertile (never blessed with a child) or in a mixed marriage?

I know St Monica was in a mixed marriage. Any others?

Sts. Elizabeth and Anne, as well as Rachel, Hannah and Sarah in the OT, all struggled with infertility. But they all managed to conceive a miracle eventually. Were there any married, but infertile saints or biblical figures who were never blessed with a child?


You're specifically looking for a female saint, right? I'll start reading...


I just had an idea.

In my recent research for you, I noticed that there are lots of times when a female saint is described as being a widow, but there is no mention of children. It occurred to me that maybe, the traditional meaning of "widow" was a woman who survived her husband, who also had no children. The Bible is very clear about the community caring for widows and orphans, and if a widow had children, then she wouldn't need as much community support (just as if orphans had parents, they wouldn't need as much community support).

I could be totally wrong, but if "widow" did historically indicate a childless woman who lost her husband to death, then you'd have a whole bunch of heavenly friends. :)


Aww :hug3: Thanks Truly. I know I always have a friend in you. :thumbsup:

I never thought of widow possibly meaning something different back then. They mention two types of widows in the NT. I don’t remember where this is, or the exact verse but something like “There are those who are true widows.” These widows were designated as special and worthy of the “treasury.” So, you might just be on to something there. THANKS! :thumbsup:

Also Anna (the Prophetess) was said to have been married “seven years since her virginity.” Which indicates that not only was she married, but also had relations with her spouse. After the death of her husband of seven years she was able to consecrate herself to God and live in the temple. I’m assuming she was rather young still, since most Jewish women were married early on. Obviously she didn’t have a child (who would be 7 years or younger) as someone that age could not possibly care for themselves. Unless of course she left her children in the care of relatives. Which I have heard happening, but something I wouldn’t dream of doing. :hmmm:


(this link works, the links below to the individual saints don't work, but, go to the site and you will find them all!)

patrons against infertility

*]Agatha of Sicily
*]Anthony of Padua
*]Casilda of Toledo
*]Felicity of Rome
*]Francis of Paola
*]Henry II
*]Margaret of Antioch
*]Rita of Cascia
*]Theobald Roggeri
[/LIST]Mixed marriage is a diffucult marriage

patrons of difficult marriages

*]Castora Gabrielli
*]Catherine of Genoa
*]Dorothy of Montau
*]Edward the Confessor
*]Elizabeth of Portugal
*]Hedwig of Andechs
*]Louis IX
*]Margaret the Barefooted
*]Marguerite d’Youville
*]Nicholas of Flue
*]Olaf II
*]Philip Howard
*]Rita of Cascia
*]Theodore of Sykeon
*]Thomas More
*]Zedislava Berka


And as you pray for his conversion

patrons of converts

*]Anne Line
*]Boniface of Tarsus
*]Charles Lwanga
*]Flora of Cordoba
*]John the Baptist
*]Joseph of Palestine
*]Margaret Clitherow
*]Mary Magdalen


I like Samuel's Mom, Hannah, in the OT. Not only was she childless, the other wife who had children and gave her a hard time! But God heard and answered her prayers and she had five more children after Samuel.


I believe Saint Cecilia's husband Valerian was pagan when they married though he converted and was martyred.


I recently heard about a woman, Servant of God Elizabeth Lessuer. Her husband was raised Catholic, but was an atheist for their entire marriage. They never had any children, and after she died, he became a priest.


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